Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thomas John's Blessing Ceremony

Our family had the honor of attending T.J. Hagen's blessing ceremony, a special occasion on the day of his 18 birthday. There was a memorable time in which his father and the other men present their blessed him, and his father gave him some reminders~a new Bible, a two-edged sword and his name in an acrostic - acrostic writing being one of Mr. Larry's many talents. Afterwards, each of the other fathers had a blessing for him. There were admonishments, and warnings and words of encouragement. Some were written and some even were sent across the country via email from friends and family who could not make it. What a wonderful evening! Mrs. Christine and Angela had quite a spread of delicious food set out afterwards, and fellowship with the saints was enjoyed for the rest of the night!

God bless TJ. May He cause His face to shine upon him, and give him peace!
~The Michael Morton Family

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