Monday, September 15, 2008

Today's Happenings

Hallooo, All!!!

Here's a little look at what we're doing today at our house! {Can't believe we're actually posting stuff on the same day it happened!! :D Getting better all the time.}

Anyway, our dear Cleveland and Andrew darling are off for a whole week at the Challenge Course, this time taking place at Fort Benning!! Wow-that is so cool. It's allot like Christian basic training, Challenge is. What a blessing it is that they were able to go! The Lord is very gracious. We actually remembered yesterday that it was coming up, checked their site, and realized it started the next day!! I told you we are last minute people, and, in keeping with tradition, they stuffed their gear into their bags in a jiffy this morning and started out at 11:00 am!! We sure are going to miss them. allot. *sigh* But, I know they'll have a blast, so it's not too bad. We're already looking forward to their return.

Mums and Pops dearest were running errands this morning, and went out to lunch together-They're so cute...It's such a blessing to have parents who just adore each other's company!!!

Dee-Dee and I moved our sewing room from the upstairs to the attic~It's such a charming little place up there! Attics always are, I suppose. We put the sewing machine by the windows, so you can watch the clouds go by as you sew...Ahh... (Well, you might not want to do the two simultaneously, but you know what I mean, LOL. :D) We also moved all my beloved millinery ribbons and tid-bits, {which I happily found while moving everything out, under some unorganized mound!!!! I was wondering where all that had gone to} and all the hats up to the attic as well. All the little boys were darlings, and toted most everything up and down at our relentless bidding~what good fellows!! Now it's a regular nest up there, cozy, organized and waiting for yours truly and etc to go start on a sewing project or two!! Ha, how exciting. I do love a new project...

Today is Martha's first day on the "everything" chore, and she's doing an amazing job!! She's just great!! Lunch was soo good...Oh, by the way, the "everything job" is where one girl {we take two week shifts} does everything~cooking, cleaning, laundry and house, etc., to try to learn how to juggle all the wonderful aspects of homemaking. Preparation for when, Lord willing, we all marry someday and really have to run your home single handedly. That is until your chillins get old enough to lend a hand. :) I really enjoyed my two weeks, but the house stayed dusty, pantry a mess and the fridges were turned into um, science projects, so I'm gonna give it another whirl in a few weeks. Meantime, the other two girls get to sew, study, garden, and do other projects that they might not have had as much time to do before. It's a really neat set up, and we all like it allot!! Mums dearest is brilliant. What a wonderful mother!!!!

Well, me thinks that's all for today~bless you for reading my ramblings! Hope you all have a very blessed day.

Love in Jesus,

Adeline, for the Clan
The two 'twavalers'
Six of our Men
Our cozy sewing spot, before completion. :)

Dee with lots of piping!!
Hats, anybody!? Choppin' taters... Lovely Martha...

"Adieu, les lecteurs!"


Campana Family said...

I Like the sewing room!!!

OurLilFullFam said...

I love the sewing room. We are changing our around right now too. I will post some pictures when we get done.

That's a great idea about the 2 weeks thing too.

MortonClan said...

Looking forward to the pictures!!