Friday, October 27, 2006

The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. See ya' next year!Posted by Picasa

Cleve Posted by Picasa

Precious Mama Posted by Picasa

Blessed feet... Posted by Picasa

A beautiful couple. Posted by Picasa

Fun road trips! Posted by Picasa

Humm... Posted by Picasa

What a spunk!! Edwin~O. Posted by Picasa

An Adored Mama... Posted by Picasa

Dorothy and Martha~two excited cuties on the way to the Film Festival!! Posted by Picasa

A train that caused us to make a slight detour when coming into San Antonio. Posted by Picasa

Everybody renewing dear old acquaintances and catching up on a year of life!  Posted by Picasa

Singing the Halleluiah Chorus while walking the streets of San Antonio. Posted by Picasa

The S'mortons with sweet Elizebeth Porter! Oh, dear, Hannah is missing! :( Posted by Picasa

Elizebeth Porter, Kressant and Rachel chatting... Posted by Picasa

Sweet chipper birdies~Martha, Katie, Dorothy and Kressy. Posted by Picasa

Lovely vines. Posted by Picasa

"OH!! my goodness! what was on my shoe! Look, there it is!!!" Posted by Picasa

HA! Miss Rach! Posted by Picasa

Two Doves... Posted by Picasa

Cleveland, the MAN! Posted by Picasa

Peering over the edge. Posted by Picasa

A lovely orange flower that grew beside the river. Posted by Picasa

Enjoying the River. Posted by Picasa

Three sisters...Rachel, Kressy and Dorothy. Posted by Picasa