Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, Y'all!!!

The Morton Clan would like to send a blessed and happy New Year greeting to our friends! We pray that your year ahead would be filled with the joy of our precious Savior, and with the blessings of following His perfect will.
With love,
The Mortons

Friday, December 22, 2006

A Delightful Weekend at Calathora~ December 13-15

Hey, Y'all!
Here are a few pictures from this past weekend~Hope you all enjoy them. Alas, we have not found our camera yet, (We did find our other camera, but it can only be turned on with the aid of a hair pin or nail! ;) so all photo credits go to Mr. Bill Maddox, who very kindly sent us his pictures. {Thanks!} Hence the lack of the baby shower pictures and the quantity of gentlemen pictures. ;)
Friday evening, {to our excited delight!} all the dear folks started to arrive! We all gobbled up a charming covered dish, then afterwards, the men and boys headed off to the barn to start the Men's meeting, whilst we girlies had a cozy evening with lovely piano preformances, knitting classes, and the general, delightful conversations that Mamas and young ladies have who are woven together in Christian love. And a few of us younger girls hopped out in the chilly night to enjoy a long round of vigorous and robust activities! After that we all came in and enjoyed Mrs. Kimmie's wonderful Gano! {to ensure that we stayed up a few more hours... :0}
Saturday morning, a few of us packed up for the baby shower and went to the location early to set up~Laura and Amanda Davis and Angela Hagen, Jordin Hicks, and Kressy Morton did a bang-up job on a memorable baby shower for dear Katie~the food was wonderful, the decorations lovely, and the "note tree" was just a precious idea! {Amanda got a little tree and there were little notes that you could write down words of advice, congratulations, love and memories for Katie to read later, which you could tie onto the tree with pretty ribbons~how sweet.} Anyway, we all had a wonderful time being together and admiring Katie's lovely gifts. {Can y'all believe we only have about three weeks 'till the bambino comes!!!??? Watch for live updates in a few weeks! haha..}
Saturday night was delightful~We ladies enjoyed popcorn and a movie, and then the men and little boys came in and we all gathered together at midnight for a chocolate fondue - courtesy of Christine Hagen! It was just wonderful.
Sunday morning we all gathered in the barn for Sunday meeting, and the Holy Spirit really spoke through the men in just an amazing way. Praise the Name of the Lord.
After that we enjoyed soup, salads and sandwiches, and fun conversation. Later in the afternoon, some of us girls went down to the woods for a walk and to look at the amazing new obstacle cource Cleveland and Wesley made. It looks like alot of fun!
It was a sad thing when the last white van/suburban pulled off...We all sat in the living room around the crackling fire and shared the funny stories from the weekend, and ate leftover pies, ice cream and other tasty things to be found in a fridge after a big party...;) I think we broke our record with 113 people. {except the wedding, but not all of them were overnight guests} We have got a long way to go to pass the Serven's 170!! ;)
What a joy and blessing to be able to spend time with such precious Christian folks. We love you all!
In Christ,
The Morton family
(by Adeline :)

I shall begin with a shot of Friday evening supper, A delightful covered dish. Shown is Jackie, Lynly, Dalton, Vivian, Glenn and Emily { Dear Joyce is hidden behind Jackie} and little Ellen enjoying great laughs and each other's company. Posted by Picasa

Talking over some breakfast. { Ray and Frank} Posted by Picasa

The dear little boys bed down for the night in the barn. They were so sweet to give us girls the house. Thanks, sweeties! Posted by Picasa

Having fun... Posted by Picasa

The punchin' bag Posted by Picasa

Danny Johnson Posted by Picasa

Cleveland and Alan~two wonderful brothers. Posted by Picasa

Frank and Dan talk over morning coffee. Posted by Picasa

Kitchen Dwellers, LOL. Posted by Picasa

Sweet Mrs. Conley Posted by Picasa

Enjoying each other's dear company. Posted by Picasa

Gathering around for the movie viewing!! Amanda popped some popcorn, and Katie Smith {another sweet Katie, from Fla.~I have no other way to differentiate~she and our Katie are both Katie E. Smith!} put it in little theater popcorn bags and we had a ball! Thanks, girls. Posted by Picasa

Watching a movie together... Posted by Picasa

Ivy B., Jordin H., Amanda D., Adeline M., and Hannah B. This picture is so funny to me~each of them has a different facial expression!!! LOL. How fun. Posted by Picasa

Chatting over a midnight chocolate fondue~a wonderful treat put on by Mrs. Christine Hagen. {From left, Angela Hagen, Amanda Davis, Jordin Hicks, and Katie Smith} Posted by Picasa

"It's~it's not a convincing argument." Posted by Picasa

LOL. It's the deer in the head lights look! {Or maybe he has just choked on a large grape and is trying to decide what the next step is...} Posted by Picasa

"Aww!" "you're serious?" Posted by Picasa

Man, that's something... Posted by Picasa

Barry and Danny Posted by Picasa

Barry, Marc and Frank Posted by Picasa

Mr. Ray R. Posted by Picasa

Behold! The men emergeth. Posted by Picasa

Hot coffee... Posted by Picasa

Snack time. Posted by Picasa