Thursday, January 29, 2009

General Morton News, Odd Tidbits and Pictures from Sunday.

Greetings, dear friends!
Well, a wonderful, busy week has passed here at Calathora....
We've had allot of rain-ah, there is nothing more beautiful than the farm after it rains!! The birds start singing, and a brilliant sunset always seems to follows the shower! It's so peaceful...

Folks, January 2009 has been The Great De-Cluttering and Organization Movement of the decade here!!! Oh-so exciting. There's something wonderful about getting all those piles around the farm and house gone through and exterminated, the junk burned with a toss-it-forever fury, and the good stuff put in barns and sheds in a way so you can see what you have and use it!!! To get those unfinished projects that have been bothering us for months done, ah!! It's like getting rid of a huge burden!! We're not quite done, but almost. Bliss!!

Painting has been one of our occupations this week-we painted the commercial kitchen in the wedding barn this luscious terra-cotta color, and (the ceiling has two levels, one level is a very small portion of the ceiling) and we painted the smaller portion this vibrant happy blue, and it's so delightfully different and happy!! I've just fallen in love with it. We got the color inspiration from a picture of a sea-side village in St. Tropez, France-that sounds so posh, doesn't it!?:D
(Oh!! I'm learning French!! Lord willing, I'll be through with this book by the end of the year. I'm on 'lecon deux' right now-got a long way to go! ;D But I'm trying to be slow and thorough. It's fascinating-languages are super interesting!)
Anyway, back to the colors-it's sorta bright, but we figured we will be in that kitchen so seldom we could afford to do something a little edgy. Oh, tra-la, this is the best part-we're gonna get a wall-pen (Lord willing) the exact color of the blue of the ceiling- what is a wall pen, you say? - I shall explain!! Over the years, as people cook in the kitchen, we'll have them sign their name, in rather small script, of course, with the wall-pen ,in a long line around the windows and doors-sort of like a guest book on the wall-isn't that fun? Here's our sketch:
Something like that - you get the general idea. :) Can you imagine how interesting it will be to read all those names many years from now!?

I can't wait to show y'all the pictures of all the developments down at the new barn-it's so neat! Daddy dear's got the most amazing office in a section of it, and it's got a deck on the back of the barn, (perfect for watching sunsets) and we have a corral off to the side now!! And a place to sort cows and things. I don't know all the proper names for the complicated fencing and such, but it is fascinating! The pictures will speak for themselves when I post them. All very exciting!

Our laundry has been backed up this week, thanks to moi's expert laundress abilities. :( Mama reminded me that I have been busy painting the kitchen and the closet in the barn, and could hardly be expected to be in two places at once...LOL, thanks, Mom :) But, tonight, I think it's all done!! And all the tribe rejoiced for the laundered raiment. Not a bit of ironing to do!! Ha ha! I do love to iron, but it's good to be caught up.

(Did I tell y'all we changed household chores? We keep them for, like, 6 months at a time, so it's always a big deal around here till each of us three girls gets settled into our new job. :) Dee's the house, Marth's the kitchen, and I already said what I am. Ah, I love, just love being a daughter in a home!! It's just plain fun to 'love on', as we call it, your home, and your family. To pour energy and effort into the day and get behind what your father's doing - to endeavor to support your Daddy and Mama (and eventually, husband) in what your father is leading your family in is awesome.
Some people say that they think being at home is boring, confining, fruitless, unfullfilling and "door matty". It's strange that they say that- because everyone has to eat and live in some kind of place-why not nice and comfy? :D
But I hear folks say things, and my heart goes out to them. I say that being set free into the realization of the proper, biblical role of woman is the most exciting, fruitful, fulfilling and spiritually rich thing in the world. To love that little brother, or little son, is to influence the father of millions-
to make a really good spaghetti sauce, or to fold those towels in that pretty way, to create a feast for the eyes and palette for your tired father or husband in the evening, is to inspire, nurture and encourage the leaders of our day-
to be creative, thrifty and ingenious in your own home, creating masterpieces out of a simple room with items found here and there-
to welcome as many children into your life as the Lord sees fit to bless you with-to create a peaceful, happy home that is a center of love and the light of Christ. Ah!! The possibilities and fullness of being in God's design for the family is awesome. I think Faithful Mother of Thousands, Supporting Daughter, Loving Wife and Joyful Sister are the most precious credentials in the world. And they last for eternity. I tell you, God's design is really, really good!!

I've been thinking this week about dear ones that have gone on to be with the Lord. I really miss them. GrandMama dearest, Joshua...I was listening to O Mio Babbino Caro today, it just brings it all back. Don't forget to lift up Joshua's family to the Lord. I can't wait to see them in heaven. Oh...they must be having an amazing time. I can't even begin to imagine. To see Jesus' face, and to be with Him forever. Lord, Lord, You are so good.

Andrew, our dear little brother, will be turning 14 on the first-I can't believe it!! I listened to S.M. Davis' cd while I was painting about "How older children have influence on Younger Children", and it has really convicted and inspired me. There is soo much I need to work on-I'm excited about pressing forward, with the Lord's help, to being a better big sister. Katie is such an example to me in that. She is amazing! Oh-speaking of Katie, she said Ron darling is walking now!! *sniff* We miss them tons!

Well, sorry for all this rambling-:) If I've bored you to tears, dry them, for there are a few pictures to this here post from Sunday, below-enjoy!

His Grace and Peace to you.


Mr. Larry giving us a lesson on hatchet throwing... Beware!! This kid's good!! :) Mike, Kress and the kids looking at the R.'s chickens... My Dee
A.-what a cutie.
Amazing!!! I actually got it in! I completely missed the target,though, isn't that funny!?
Daisy demonstrating her hatchet throwing prowess...
Prying it out...
Caleb giving us a demonstration... ;)
Pulling back...
Release! Ah, Martha looks so dainty here! I love it. :D
Our faithful little arrow fetcher.
LOL, this picture makes me laugh-their expressions are just too cute.
Wesley about to throw...
Campbell and her knife...
Jordin pauses in her stalking to smile for the camera. ;)
Dorothy and Amanda with the twins-LOL, I think it's so cute how they're holding the girls the exact same way! Such sweet sisters...
Le plus nouveau chien at Pasco Farms, Monsieur Pattie
This was amazing-Mr. F. had the idea of shooting them up in the air-so cool! It went up super far, and we all had a laugh trying to find it in the sky as it came down. (We all got near a porch, in case one should come near, though. :)
Watching...And now, my favorite picture of the day-here's to lovely Marty!
Getting assembled. :D
And here are some pictures from this past Sunday-we girls went on a beautiful walk down to where the camellias bloom-it was so lovely!
All the girls. (who were there-whoever wasn't, we missed you!)
Angela. I just love this picture! Sweet H. with her flowers...
Dee, Marty and Elizabeth... Dearest Amanda...

Well, until later, y'all!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New look...

What do ya' think? Not a huge difference, but a little something fresh for the eyes. I think this spring, when the grass turns green again, I'll get a pictures of our own place to put up there! That will be jolly...but in the meantime, though, isn't this person's front gate a dream!?

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Calathora New Year's Ball...

...and what we did on the night 2008 went out, and 2009 came in...

Here we are in the Wedding Barn, (where two weddings and several retreats have been held) and, with the Morton Construction Crew having been busy working on it of late, it's more finished now, and is so beautiful. Ahh...well, the night is cool-not too cold, but just that right feel to enjoy either a hot cup of coffee, or a cold glass of punch when you come in, if you want, on this lovely New Year's Eve! We're so glad you're here to help us sing out the old year, pray in the next, and rejoice in our Lord together!!

Oh, there's hot crab soup, biscuits, all sorts of little fattening chocolate-dipped stuff, fruit and such over there if you want a little something to eat, and in a little bit, Daddy Dearest will welcome everybody, we'll pray, and then each family will get up on the stage, and tell everybody about who they've come as. (it being a costume ball type thing) That will be neat...I see some real interesting costumes, I can't wait to find out who they are!

After that, we'll do some dancing, eating and visiting, then, a little before the New Year arrives, we'll all sing, worshipping our King together, and dedicate this next year to the Blessed One who gives it...May we live it as unto Him, Jesus Christ.

Enjoy all the pictures! Many thanks to the folks who took 'em all-these are a conglomeration of about 5 camera cards, ;) so, not really sure who took which ones, but thanks for sharing them, y'all!