Thursday, January 15, 2009

On Saturday night we got to eat at Casa Rio again, with the wonderful Rogers family!
Examining the menu... Daddy's feet on the wall... Waiting for our spots! Mama Dearest It was such a joy to see the Serven clan, and Mr. John and Elizabeth! They make such a cute couple! We're so excited for them! Here are two lead actors from two of the semi-finalist films, Aaron Burns from Pendragon and John Moore from The Widow's Might-we bought both DVD's after the festival, and have really enjoyed them! LOL. It's pretty neat watching a movie, and then seeing the actors around the conventon center-what's really creepy is seeing someone who played the bad guy, walking around!! Your first thought is to swim away!! ;) But, really, it is such a blessing, and a God honoring thing, to know that the movies you're watching are not only righteous and good stories in and of themselves, but they are made in a God-glorifying, Biblical way, by and with people who love Him. How refreshing.
It was so good to meet Miss Amanda I.-what a sweet girl!

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