Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wedding News

Good evening , dear friends. Wedding preparations are in full swing around here . The girls and I spent the day on a whirlwind tour of surrounding cities in search of just that perfect whatever-was-on-the-list. We happened to step into Hobby Lobby's bridal sale and that was certainly fun. We loaded down the suburban and raced home with our treasures. They are now ensconced in the front hall , all organized on a big table.

The Hiers family came over today and helped tremendously on the wedding preparations. Michael Hiers spent the day hammering- but we shan't say what, and his dear bride Katie was unpacking and scraping, but it's all a secret, until Saturday. Samantha , the eldest daughter , helped in every way imaginable.

Glenn T. , electrician and traffic engineer extrordinaire, was seen on the property with tool belt a-swinging , preparing for the RV needs. A phone call revealed that the Davis family was at a store in Valdosta shopping for wedding stuff.

Wow, what friends !! We certainly could not host this wedding or any other event, really , without the combined effort and love of family and church family. God bless you all.

At supper tonight, we teased Wesley that in two weeks at this exact time , he and Cleveland would be waiting for a particular cell phone call from his father.......................................

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Tid-Bit on Hats...


How to wear a hat? With aplomb, knowing you are absolutely right. Rules are yesterday. How you wear your hair, your size, how you feel at the moment, are what count. Perhaps the only "rule" to consider is that of proportion. A large hat balances a narrow outfit or it's opposite, a skirt on the scale of Miss Scarlett's hoopskirt. A small hat is fine with both the narrow and the billowing silhouette. A hat with a brim is worn straight on the head, unless you're under ten.
But you may find, for instance, that if you're small, a big hat isn't wrong:It makes you look devastatingly fragile. If you're tall, a high crowned hat may only make you more majestic. One of the greatest enemies to hat~wearing is self-consciousness. Stand tall...
Taken from The Romance of Hats

"Why mind the fashion? Wear a big hat, and be comfortable!" ~Little Women

"I consider that without hats, an intrinsic part of fashion, we would have no civilization."
~ Christian Dior

The Wedding Shower

Hello, Y'all!
This memorable night took place a few weeks ago, and I'm sorry it had taken me so long to post~It was so fun to do it later rather then right off, because it brought back a flood of precious memories of the evening!
As you can see from the pictures {Thanks, Dear Aubry!} the precious folks from our gathering did the most beautiful job of preparing a huge sit down dinner, with fantastic food, wonderful fellowship, and lovely decorations to make it that much more special. What a blessing! They are each so wonderful. Thank the Lord for such an uplifting and kind family in the Lord!
Well, I will scoot off to bed...Tomorrow brings a huge trip to the plant nursery {!!!} and yard work~I'm looking forward to a day in the summer breeze! Hopefully it will be breezy. If not, Oh well. :) 'Twill be jolly being with Mum, the girls and my Five Little Indians!!!


Love in Christ Jesus,

Mrs. Kim P.'s beautiful menu~Everything was so delicious and lovely~it all just took my breath away when I walked into the dining hall!

Mrs. Conley R. and Mrs. Kathy Rsl. enjoy chatting after dinner...I really enjoyed eating dinner with the Rsl. Family and the S. girls~We talked of languages, and homeschooling, which led to science, which led to, after dinner, the discussion of Mrs. Kathy's experience in the science class at gov. school~ I never knew they used little piggies for experiments in there! How interesting. My experience with learning about animals by observing their carcasses was when my sis and I skinned our poor pet calf a day after it passed~our precious calf is now forever upon our memories, and to this day, her spotted fur graces the wall of our boys bedroom...
Our dear little family observing something with amusement... :) Is not Bret a cutie!!??
Mrs. Joyce tending the coffee table~'twas so neat and nice.

The faithful gift bringer~inners and the gift taker~outers enjoy the goings~ons...
Mrs. Lisa C.'s amazing creation~brown napkins with ribbon to look like a cake! What a hoot! She is so creative...LOL...
Watching the proceedings...
Two of the most precious ladies I know~Mrs. Joyce and Miss. Amanda D.
Pausing @ my request for a shot, they are seen above after having served the wonderful dessert of homemade chocolate and vanilla pound cake~delicious!
The W. girls~as lovely and delightful to be with as ever! Here, Kress and I visit with Brooke, Nina and Mallory after the scrumptious dinner.
Dear Emily T. ~this precious girl has such a giving heart. She drew W&R the most lovely little book, and wrapped it up so nicely.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Ivy! What a blessing she and her dear sisters are!
The Mum!

Our 'wittle Cutie Pie!!! Good thing babies were not made of chocolate, or I'd eat 'em up...And this one is especially adorable.... My little red haired monkey man! This One is going to be tall!!! What a blessing.
Love that smile, Norma!

Some of the lovely things...
Above is a stunning quilt made by Mrs. Christine H., with pillow shams to match! Ah, such a work of art...

It was such a joy to watch Wesley and Rachel open each gift~each so beautiful and thoughtful, each meeting a need in the practical areas of the wonderful home they will build by God's grace alone!
Ah, and such a pile of delightfully fluffy feathers for her little nest!! What a feast for the eyes! But, truly, all feathers, no matter how frilly they may be, are needed. In the female mind. :)
What a precious group of friend and family in Christ that the Lord has blessed us to know and one~another with!Admiring a beautiful mirror from A&K, above~and that's Mrs. Joyce T. in the mirror.

A sample of Mrs. Joyce T.'s stunning decorations. It was all so beautifully done~She used fragrant herbs for all the center pieces, and then Mr. Glenn T. and herself presented them afterwords to Wesley and Rachel as a gift for there future garden! I thought that was such a neat idea.

Daddy dear, Mr. Barry P. and Mr. Frank C. enjoying the evening together over coffee~or better yet, Gano!
Guess what foot belongs to what lady, and you win a free 10 item pick from our toy box!!!!
No, I'm kidding.
But really, give it a try~A good hint being that Aunt Lisa C. has a self professed "weakness for rhinestones"... :D
Dearest Aunt Laura smelling a rose little Caleb gave her! How sweet...
A tired Little Bit-Smith the III on the way home after a delightful evening!
Goodnight, all...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

News from the Mother of the Household

Hello to dear friends . Wedding preparations have limited our blogging, but I do have some news of the wedding plans! What a wondrous and tear-y and exhilarating time we are experiencing around the Morton household.

Dorothy, Adeline and Martha have been sewing bridemaids dresses for themselves, assembling invitations and keeping the household running while I planned and had jury duty. Adeline has sewn waistcoats for the young brothers and Dorothy has labored faithfully over the music - for the third time!! Yes, we have planned the ceremony music, down to the second, twice, and now are set to embark once again on this fascinating project. ( I haven't told the sound man, Willie Roberts, yet. Dorothy and I may be able to work with what we have, but alas,Willie, we may have to come over one more time.)

We have been praying that the Lord would show us what He wants at this wedding and that we would be able to walk in the Spirit in the planning - does that sound esoterical? It's not meant to - God is very real and marriage is a picture of His Son and His Bride and we really want this wedding to reflect the Lord. So , little by little , as we go over the plans with Michael B. and as friends from church make suggestions, we see the Lord's plans unfold. But .............................we cannot mention them here BECAUSE the details are a secret for Wesley and Rachel until The Big Day!!! So , you will all have to just live in suspense.

Kim Plath , calligrapher extraordinaire, has graced us with her talent and input in many areas of the wedding plans and Christine Hagen, peerless floral and tablescape designer, is going to help us make the feast a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.

Speaking of feast, the Davis family and the Hicks family, chefs and organizers of the highest caliber, will be preparing the wedding feast, really the highlight of the evening. (Can't you smell that meat and bread?)

The Wayne Bessinger family is the brain storm behind the latest ceremony revision and we are so very excited about the possibilities. The Hiers family is helping in many ways - yard decorations and table planning - and Mrs. Hiers sweet and gentle smile and spirit keeps us reminded about how we are supposed to be during the planning.

Ray Roberts and his family are all involved in the yard-planning for a special event that I cannot mention and The Glenn Turner family is vital to the success of the guests' stay and servers' happiness. We are having so much fun working with these dear friends.

Aubrey Reed is going to be my right hand on Friday and our own Katie is doing the wedding cake!!!

The Sanders family has agreed to direct this event. They are gracious - and brave indeed.

My new step-sister , Brenda, is jumping right in - but, then , she is Rachel's aunt, too. Double fun!!!

Many young friends have graciously agreed to serve at the feast and Danny Johnson has agreed to stand and bless Wesley and Rachel with a toast, to follow Cleveland's, and open it up for the other guests to speak blessings and toasts to the couple, after the feast .

Aunt Wanda and Cousin Lori - and I hear Lea Ellen is involved? - will be bringing punch that I understand is really fabulous.

Fritz Roberts and his family are busy at every spot in the evening and we are so grateful for their support.

The Campana family from Florida is going to be involved and we are so glad.

How is that for giving you an update with absolutely no details!!!!!!!!!

Okay, a few details. The main color is dark , chocolate brown. There are several things literally in the air and we are not using the theme from Jurassic Park - you can thank Willie for that. The men will be in ultra-formal tail coats - they have arrived and the groom has tried his outfit on and I do believe he will look fine.

Wesley is preparing a place for his bride, with Cleveland , his Dad and friends and brothers. Michael B. went all over South Georgia finding deals on doors and windows- solid wood , top line things - it is like the Lord put things right where they were needed , right when they were needed.

In short, we are having a blast. This is something new for us, the groom's family planning the wedding. We wanted to see what it would be like for the groom to bring the bride to his father's house , like Christ will do one day. The Smith and Morton families are experiencing the reality of the bride getting herself ready and not having the pressures that sometimes accompany planning a major event. It has worked out well and we think it illustrates the truth that we as Christians have only to admit our sin and take on Christ's robe of righteous and then.........................wait. Now granted, we are to work while we wait and I'm sure Rachel has been busy, but in a different way than usual.

Ms. Gran, Joyce, Kim and my Dad are praying for me. Can't have an event without prayer, can we? !!

So, have a great day and ........................................three weeks and counting!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Self Portrait

Here I am, flustered for not having any interesting posts....sorry, y'all. We will get it one day. :)
Have a blessed afternoon, now!! We are having a splendid one, filled with sewing and all that wonderful stuff that comes along with a afternoon of seam rip~err, sewing with one's dear sisters! ;) What a joy! Bless the Lord for such precious friends that I have in my sisters!!
Au~revoir, friends!

Adeline Grace