Friday, August 17, 2007


My Redeemer Liveth said...

Lovely picture! Too bad the rest didn't show up. What were they of?? :)
~Anna Stone :D

MortonClan said...

Hey, Anna!
I don't know what those "things" are, {that show there should be pictures there?} but The Wedding Morning was the only one that I tried to post. :)

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Hey Adeline!
I think what Anna ment was that there are a few little boxes with red "x"s through them. She was wondering if there were supposed to be more pictures than just the top one. I hope I cleared that up for you =)

Baleboosteh said...

Dear Adeline and Morton Family,
Bless you all, yes I did get your sweet comment about the loss of our baby. I've been very lax about checking up on my blog lately (emails too)and so I hadn't realised that the comment was there. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. The Lord has blessed us so much and we are strengthened each day by the Holy Spirit. We are seeking God's wisdom for the days ahead.

We are praying for you all as you prepare for the wedding. What a wonderful celebration it will be!