Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Katie and Daddy laughing...

The bride and her Father about to walk down the aisle!

Katie crying for joy, after having heard that her groom was coming...

The bride and her dear Grandmama before the ceremony

The Bride and her precious Mama

Michael and Alan at their campsite.

Sweet Savannah Cochran helping with the dishes. { Thanks so much Sweetie!}

Michael Jr. getting the horse ready...

Mrs. Tim Sanders {Wendi} with cute baby Nehemiah, :)

After the ceremony...

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith

Katie washed Alan's feet at their wedding to demonstrate to Alan and all the assembled guests her joyful embracing of her role before God as Alan's helpmeet. It was kept a secret surprise, Katie's own special demonstsration of devotion. There was not a dry eye in the place! (Note Grandpa Charles taking pictures!)

Mr. David captured this precious shot after the foot washing.

Dear Mrs. Robert Lummus {Cindy} preparing the coffee for the refreshment table Sat. morning. {I love that hat, Mrs. Cindy!! :) }

The barn set up for the wedding feast!
Mr. Aurther Lummus, Mr. Frank Campana, and Mr. Ernest Lummus early Sat. morning.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To our dear friends:

It is with great joy and gratitude that we announce the engagement of our son, Michael, Jr., to the lovely Miss Kressant Smith of Griffin, Georgia.

Thank you, Bret and Jacqueline, for the many years of faithful sowing into your wonderful daughter's life.

The betrothal ceremony will be announced at a later date.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Micheal, Best Man, after sounding the trumpet for the groom

The wedding party watching Alan ride up

Alan, on his way to get his bride.

The Groom and the Best Man moments after riding up...

Cleveland Morton, brother of the bride, and David Hohman, cousin of the groom.

Kressant, beloved sister of the groom, carrying her lamp down the lane.

The guests watching the procession

Our precious Grand Daddy, Jerome Cox, a Man of God.

{That is our beloved grand Aunt Betty on the right. :)}

Rachel, beloved sister of the groom, processing down the lane leading to the barn.

'To love and to cherish..."

Saying the vows...

Katie after washing Alan's feet

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith
{ this picture was taken when they were called back in the second time, LOL :}

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

All the Jolly happnings' at the Morton house hold this past week!

Hey Y'all!
We just wanted to write and tell y'all all that has been going on around here~The Morton Clan sends greetings to you...Adeline will take over here and tell the family's story from her perspective !! We hope to have some pictures soon...

I guess I will start with Monday, and just go through one of the Morton family's most wonderful and exciting weeks!!
Humm...Monday morning, our Morton men went to work on the barn bright and early. Mr. Noah Sanders and his uncle, Mr. Brooke Stephens arrived~they were a huge help to Mumsie Dearest. From planting trees, to varnishing furniture, to putting up wreathes and bows, they were kept quite busy all week, poor things, LOL.
Tues. We finished the barn, bless the Lord, and had a jolly time getting it all ready for Saturday!Mr. Brooke was drafted to help with the barn, and that left Noah to do Mumsie's lists, which became famous. LOL Tuesday was Katie's birthday , and we enjoyed the traditional Morton birthday supper with Granddaddy and Grandmom. Daddy dear finished off with reading the Bible to us , as we were gathered around the table.
Wednesday, Mr. Noah and Mr. Brooke stayed busy flying about the place with lists in hand. The Morton Construction Company crew, Michael , Cleveland, Wesley and Daddy, went to work and put in a floor joist system. We missed our brothers and Daddy amidst the flurry of activity at the house. When I arrived home with Mama from shopping all day, our darling Smithies were there to greet us!!! 30 min. later the Sanders arrived, and then the Davis family came at about 10:00 that night!!! What fun and excitement!!! {We all retired at 1:30! wow, a shockingly early hour...} There were dear friends in and out all day , helping in the most amazing ways, so quietly and calmly that Mumsie Dearest said she felt like a guest at the wedding, all was so peaceful . Thank you dear families - from the punch to the lovely programs, fruit , coffee and stunning wedding cakes, to the fabulous feast and the inevitable clean-up(!) - the wedding could not have happened but for the loving service of these families.
The next day at 9:00, {darling Ivis Lummus having joined our party} Mama ,Aunt Jacqueline, Katie and all the Bridesmaids donned our hats and shawls and set out for the world renowned Three Crazy Bakers restaurant here in Moultrie! After spending 30 minutes on ordering, {LOL, with 13 females we did good, ehe?} we chatted of hats, Katie, sewing plans for after the 8'th, lemonade, and south western chicken roll ups vs. honey bacon chicken roll ups... The Morton men went to work at the job again and Noah and Mr. Brooke held down the fort (and the lists!) at the house. It is beginning to look like someone is going to have a wedding around here! There are white bows everywhere and orange trees in bloom and grapevine wreaths hanging from every available spot.
Fri., all the young ladies who were here, stepped out into our woods for a picnic breakfast with flower picking afterwards. Oh y'all, there were these really pretty blue bell flowers that grew on vines, and ranged from white, striped, to lavender, to deep purple! With our arms filled with fragrant honeysuckle, we headed back to the house, dumping our lovely loot in the bathtub, to act as a vase.We piled up in Wesley's Old Chevy and went for a dusty ride through the field to the other half of our woods! Our Dear Aunt Karen pulled up just as we were leaving, and we whisked our precious cousin, Tabitha, into the truck with us. Aunt Karen is a very talented lady and one of her many skills and accomplishments , is cake designing. She went into the barn and began to decorate and ice a lovely and huge amount of beautiful cake. The groom's cake was shaped like a violin. In the midst of all this bustle and fun, folks going purposefully in every conceivable direction, the Campana family put on a very elegant and lovely tea for the flower girls. Our own dear Emmie Phillips joined Mrs.Lisa and Katie and all the dear little girls for the tea. We arrived home from gathering greenery and then we commenced to help setting up 450 plates, knives, forks, spoons, glasses and napkins under the watchful eye of Mrs. Joyce Turner . It was lots of fun, and 'Uncle' Marc and 'Aunt' Laura Davis did an outstanding job on the whole feast!! at 4:00, Mr. Tim and Mrs. Wendi Sanders gatherd up the whole wedding party and started the rehearsal!(Or was it 5:00?) With a lot of laughs and smiles we stumbled through it, then on the second try it went nice and smooth! The gallant and dashing Alan, looking quite handsome to his Kate in a bright white buttondown and bdu's ,had a time with our excited, spirited horse Cookie, who was not in a mood to cooperate. She managed to throw the brave and tough-as-nails young groom twice, but he kept getting back up. (By the way, this was a real testimony to the concept of honoring and obeying your father. As the rehearsal went on and Cookie was just not settling down, Mr. Bret, the groom's dad, directed Alan to ride the other horse, which is a more thoroughly trained animal. Alan preferred Cookie, but he honored his father and all went well on the wedding day. ) Michael, while riding up in the rehearsal, lost the mouth piece and one of the little keys from the trumpet- it was jostled from the instrument, and after having 50 people comb our cotton field, they were declared lost forever in the Georgia dirt!...Just in time we remembered Granddaddy's trombone mouthpiece, which saved our bacon and worked. The Smith family , with lots of sweet help from Aunt Brenda and Mrs. Hosch, treated everyone to a wonderful, scrumptious dinner under a huge, beautiful, white tent.
Gracious. Here we are at Saturday. It is really neat writing all this down~it is amazing that when you are in a real exciting time, you can forget things more easily.:) Bear with me for a while longer... Anyway, Saturday dawned beautiful and bright~ the perfect weather for a wedding...a slight wind, the green trees, blue sky, soft plowed field, and white clouds all in the sky. There are bright white bows that Mrs. Myra Teate so skillfully and sweetly made everywhere. You can smell B.B.Q. brisket on Uncle Quent's big grill that Mr. Dan Smith has fired up. Inside, upstairs, brides maids are running around trying to get all dressed and ready. Katie is sitting on a little stool laughing and smiling, having her hair braided by Mrs. Wendi. Mama is upstairs giving a final steam to the silk wedding gown...guests have started arriving!!! Donny and Lynley Hicks are setting up the coffee punch table, Cindy Lummus is putting the finishing touches on the prelude refreshment table and Kim Plath is setting out the beautiful programs and name tags. Frank Campana is showing folks where to park and Barry Plath is greeting guests. Some bridesmaids are looking out the windows...oh!!! Look!! We see Michael!!! With the horse! In his doublet and tall boots, with the huge black horse, he makes quite a picture. He is bringing the two horses down to the tent where Alan is waiting for his father to call him. Katie jumps up, but is then called to go to the third floor and prepare herself for her groom...Y'all, this is too exciting!!! my sister will be married soon!! wow...record time for getting 10 young ladies hair done...we are all ready. Katie is finished getting ready.. she looks like a hazy white dream...All in white silk and linen...if you look out the west window, you can see a tiny spot of olive green~yeh, that's Alan's can see a spot of white running around~that's Alan , LOL... (The groom and his attendants camped out on Friday night)
10:30. this is the time when Katie and all of the bridmaids go out side for 10 minutes. Uncle Bret says he is going to introduce us and the things we are carrying to everyone, and Katie will represent Alan to all the people, like we, Christ's bride, do for Him until He returns!! Gracious, the barn and grounds are full...Katie is now talking to everyone...she is telling them that her groom "is wonderful.." now we go inside. When Katie just steps back into the house, she starts to shout, " There he is !! Here he comes!!!!" She is embracing Mrs. Lisa Campana, the first lady she saw~who is shouting too!! Yes, Andrew is running down to the tent !! with a message for Alan from Uncle Bret!! Shaking with excitment, we all gather into the entry hall. Katie is crying for comes Daddy Dearest...he looks so handsome in his morning suit...he looks all happy and proud...we all line up...... humm.. Andrew is coming back! What is happening????? Several minutes later......there Andrew goes again! with another message! You can see Michael, the best man, trying to get Cookie to cooperate...she is running back and forth at the edge of the field~there, look!! here comes Michael! he is racing towards us! I don't see him stop and dismount, as I'm trying to get Katie's train smooth~ if you did see him dismount, I know it would have been grand!! We hear a trumpet blast! And here comes the groom!! The dust is a billowing cloud behind him!!! The music starts, and the procession begins. Groomsmen, lovely bridesmaids, little girls with baskets of white rose petals ~they love tossing them in the air and watching the breeze carpet the ground with them...on the climax of the highest measure, Katie and Daddy walk out...the wind is catching her train and making it billow in a most gracful fashion! down the path of orange trees in bloom, they walk...we all meet under the arch over the fence...all the guests are grinning from ear to ear - a groom and his best man riding up on horses??!! Now we are filing into the barn...I look up at Katie~she has a momentary pleading look~"Pssst!!! Adeline!!! The ring! the green box, on my desk!! quick!" I've never run so fast back to the house~ I could not find it for a full 50 seconds, but when I got back, and slipped it in Kate's hand,they were just ready to continue the procession!!
All is quiet. we are in the barn, all in our places. Uncle Marc Davis, who is marrying them, starts the ceremony. As they are saying their vows, an awe is in all our hearts...after their first kiss, they proccess out, and~oops. We forgot a few parts of the ceremony~ communion,Grandaddy's prayer, and a special act of love from Katie to Alan~it was so funny, and so relaxed! Uncle Marc is a natural at handling things and he just calls them back in - he reassures them that they are still married- the guests grin - after processing back in, our precious Grand Daddy gave a prayer of blessing, they had communion, and then Uncle Marc is having Alan take off his boots~ What is happening? ~ Katie is taking an old basin out of a basket, and then a pitcher...she kneels down, silk billowing all around her, and lovingly takes each of his feet, and washes them with her hands...while this sweet time is going on, there is a tape playing ,with 'Amazing Grace' in the background, in which Katie shares with eveyone how this is her outward sign that she delights to be Alan's helper, and she delights in being submissive and being under his authority. It was so precious, and there was not a dry eye in the room. Then they are presented as Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith {for the second time. :) } and they go out, and they are in the middle of living happily ever after!!!