Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weather Report

The bottom just fell out, y'all!!! I've hardly ever seen such a downpour. There's two tornado's swirling around our town, but we have not spotted them yet. (hopefully we won't)

The heavens truly proclaim the glory of the Lord.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Retreat 2009

Hello, all!!

Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday. :) 'Tis rain, beautiful, spring time rain for us here today. I love it.

Weekend before last, there was a family retreat at our home-it was such a wonderful, peaceful time of fellowship, encouragement and inspiration-I can't wait for the recorded sessions to come in-I can't wait to hear them again!! Mama and Aunt Laura did several sessions talking to the ladies, and they were such a blessing to me as a younger lady! I also really, really enjoyed the things Daddy Dear and the other men said- it was all so uplifting. Praise the Lord for such wise Men and Ladies. Below are a few pictures from the weekend-hope you enjoy them! For more, you can go to Gensing Studios and 11 Acre Wood.

Have a blessed week, everybody! I'm on a catch up with blogging frennzie, so come back soon!

Love to all! Oh!! And guess what!? We're off to go on a spelunking weekend, leaving Thursday night! We can't wait! So that's what this week holds, Lord willing. :) So maybe pictures of that soon, too.

Anyway, ta-ta!

Sweet Mrs. L. bringing her husband cake...

The Kitchen crew...

LOL, this is soo cute-This is what he does when you say "smile, Ron!" :) At least he knows it has something to do with that mouth, LOL!

Mrs. C. filling up dish washing buckets. She did an amazing job of coordinating all the meals and such-three cheers, Mrs. C.!!
Boxing lessons with Frank... :)

All of us girls stayed at Wesley and Rachel's house, and Rachel had it all fixed up so nice!! Above is a lovely tray she had with some essentials to a good 'ole party!! :)

Check Spelling

Poor Flint was not feeling too well...
Red Rover