Friday, March 06, 2009

D.'s Grin
Daddy Dear sharing and fellow shipping with the young couple...what a blessing Daddy is!!
The festive entrance...(Oh, by the way, check out all that SNOW!!! (on the roof) So neat!!!)

It was a delight to see (some of) y'all there! It was all so wonderful and beautiful, and such a privilege to rejoice with you, Andy, Brittany and families!!

God bless!


Down the Lane said...

Hey Adeline!!
Great pictures!! I really like the one of us all piled up on the chair!! I'm always on the bottom!!
Hope to see you soon,

Sam said...

I'm so glad that y'all came!! It was so fun to see y'all again.
Luv & miss y'all!!

Black Matt Vawser said...

Thank you for making your way up to the shower, it was mighty good to see all of you again. I had fun playing music with you Cleve.
God willing y'all will be able to come to the wedding.

Andy Vawser said...

Hello Morton family. Thank you so much for making the trip up to our wedding shower. It was so nice having you all there and it just made our day so special. Thank you as well for the wonderful gifts you showered upon us. I know they will be a treasured part of our home. God bless you all.

BB said...

I love the picture of my new in-loves!!! That is so cute! I am so gald that yall made it to the shower! it was so good to see you all again! And what you wrote int he book....I didtn think about that. How we officialy met there and then a year later we all were clebrating a new step of life!!! That was soo neat!
Love you all!!

MortonClan said...

Hey, dear everybody!!!

It was soo great to see all of you! Can't wait for April 18! :D

God bless each of you.

Love, (Adeline for)The Mortons