Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Weekend at Calathora

Hello, folks!!
Well, a perfectly delightful weekend passed here, a few weekends ago. :) And here are some pictures, too, for fun.

Our time went as follows.

Friday: Folks began to arrive for our home for the monthly Table Talk (see here) in the late afternoon. We had a great time getting all the tables and some of the food ready with some of the Pendleton ladies, and then later that evening, we served all the men dinner in the Barn, with the help of some wives and daughters who were able to come. The dear Whiddon ladies had a glorious meal inside for all the ladies-ah, it was so good! We enjoyed a fire inside where we sipped tea and talked, while the men drank coffee and discussed outside-what a splendid night! I was not able to get any pictures of the men in the barn, so alas, maybe next time!
{ All of us girls had a great time that night-we had the Pendleton, Campana, (who's families, or parts of, were staying with us) and the Roberts girls, and us three little girls all stuffed in the girls room!! Haha, it was lots of fun...we stayed up to the early hour of 3:30 or 4:00 am telling stories, playing cards, laughing and talking!!! LOL, after we rested for a few hours we got up and headed to the coffee pot. ;)}
Here Miss Emily texts her dear mother... (we missed you so much, Mrs. Carol! Praying for you...) In the living room beside the fire...
It was so nice to meet Mrs. Karen K.!
Enjoying delicious food and fellowship...

Jordin, The Poster. ;D

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