Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ah, now then,represented justly for this occasion, Mr. Alan Smith.

Perhaps this better fits the continuity of the saga

Although this is admittedly a cruel and unusual punishment and should not be allowed on the blog, we simply could not resist.
Hooah? posted by Cleve.

Once upon a time...

There was a girl...and she lived with her family in the south...She hoped that one day God would send a good man to be her husband...sometimes she wondered if he would ever come...but she prayed and cried and loved her Daddy...

Then a good man came...


...the good man's daddy and the girl's daddy talked and prayed...and the good man asked the girl's Daddy if she could be his...and the Daddy and the girl said yes...and the good man won the girl's heart...

They talked and talked...

And they loved each other very much...

And they gardened together...

And they had fun times ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Friday, January 06, 2006

The milking shed

Sissy B, here is that new milking shed! {It 'taint finished being built in this pix. :)}

Birdie nests after a rain shower...

A damp birds nest in our roofless bird house. :)
A rather thorny nest I found in a brier patch.

Here is a left hand, inside view of the shed...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

cleveland and others talking to the county lawyer

this is a picture one of us took last meeting, in it is the chairman and two other commisioners

The chairman and commisioners Clark and Whitaker are trying to push a"land use ordinance" with support from the local banks and some of the larger businesses and, of course the University of Georgia.
Dad and many others have attempted to stop this socalist plan from being adopted.
And so far the Lord has granted us several victories.
They were pressured into trashing the proposed ordinance from Alpharetta, but countered with the enforcement of the "1977" ordinance [which has lain dormant for some years] and so the conflict still continues. -m-

Grandaddy and Grandmama

Our dear Grandparents~they are so sweet to come to our birthday parties~they make it so special!

Martha about to blow out her candles...As some of you know, in our family, you can't drink coffee 'till your 13~so, yesterday was marth's entering into coffeehood! she began her illustrious campaign with a cup of coffee at the IHOP (Daddy Dearest always takes us out to breakfast on our birthdays :) and when asked what she thought about it, Miss Morton said "well, all they had was sweet n' low, so..."

Happy Birthday, Martha!!!

Yesterday my precious Sister Meefus turned 13!
Marth, happy birthday, sweetie. You are such a wonderful sissy to me~your loving service to your family, your uncompromising devotion and obedience to your Savior and Daddy and Mama, your sweet and gentle spirit, and all the happiness and joy that comes into a room when you enter it, is such a blessing to us, and to all who know you. May our wonderful Lord Jesus richly bless you and give you the desires of your heart, as you delight yourself in Him, and continue to serve Him with all your might. I love you, Sis!
Happy 13th Birthday!!!
Love Always,


Sweet Deef

This is my beloved sissy, Deefus {Dorothy}~dosn't she look cute, Girlies!? :) LOL...I'm partial...

Michael working in the garden.

The door that you see, open on the far end; enables the feeder to throw the hay out of the barn into the trough.

Daddy out at the milking shed with some of the cows,

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Random pictures from November 2005 at the Campana home in Palm Bay, Fla.

Rachie, Moriah, Paul and Frankie on a stroll...Nov. -a-

Bethy Bee at the Campana's orange grove. Nov.