Thursday, October 30, 2008

Corn Etc.

Here's the corn, all ready!! Isn't pretty!? Daddy dear is so good at (doing, teaching and leading us in) the garden work~he has such an amazing touch with plants! One that I hope to have one day. ;) I really think plants grow for him because he lovingly tends them, and does it all as unto the Lord. Thank you, Daddy, for loving God and gardens!

The other day, Marth and I went out to pick some of it, and some okra, too, then we took it all in, and Dee boiled and fried it up for supper, and it was soo good!!! It's so neat to go pick things out of your garden for your food! What a blessing. Happy thoughts!

Yes, um, corny, isn't it? Our "grab some shoes" mentality left us with two leftie flip flops and Sam's-er, no, John's water boots. Such footwear always completes an ensemble quite nicely. ;) Marffa dear "Corn, corn, corn. It's all corn."

With our baskets...

We hope to be planting some cabbage, broccoli, and other wintery stuff like that soon, Lord willing-we'll see how it goes! One of the many great thing about being so far down south is you can practically have a garden year round, so that really nice...By the way, does anybody know how you can use kale? In a salad? Just curious...

Anyway, y'all have a great day! Come back and see us!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ze' Deer!!!

"A crowd has gathered to greet you!!"

After we heard the news of Wesley's fete, we tumbled and tripped in the chilly fall air and all gathered around the specimen, hooked onto the clothesline for butchering! Kress says that "she is in a state of complete shock." ;)

Wes is the very fist man on our farm to shoot a deer after many years of faithful hunting. (Truth be told, every man and his brother around here hunts deer for a living in the fall, so there really aren't that many to hunt, actually. Least it seems like it. :)
"Mr. Grumpy Gills!!" "Ummm...that looks good!"Food!!""Feel her paws."Wes demonstrating how he shot the young buck...
John and Mama dear look on at the proceedings...
Proud, happy housewife....A whole cooler full of tender, flavorful meat for her winter's menus!!

Three cheers, to Wes, our "great white hunter"!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Living

Church meeting was at our home Sunday, and I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our peaceful and delightful afternoon!! God is so good!!

Enjoy, and bye, y'all!!


Our beloved Father and Patriarch, Michael Morton Joyful little-girlhoodMr. Danny's smileMy little Benji buddy'Manda dearestSistersHis royal Plumpness {Sir Carlos} Laughing GabbriellaThe little protector
Hannah's theatrical pose. ;D
Later I find some of the girls playing, uh, blocks. In the nursery. Very entertaining, actually.
Rushing waters and a bridge.
A pathway statue Sheep SlaughterMr. Blue eyes!!
Daniel's such a cutie!! Andrew, our bigger little brother. :)Mothers and daughters chatting on the porch A, um, "risky" game. ;PH. P. and Carlos... Ah, the joy of holding babies!!Purity
Mr. Fluffy Man!! What a dog will do for something he shouldn't have. ;)JoyBeautiful relaxation... Smelling a rose...Sweet Angie and BekahPrecious little RebekahShowing it to mommy...
Andrew doing the fly face on Mikey...Lovely IvyCute boots, Hannah!!!
Martha and Danny boy