Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bessingers Visit!!!

Wednesday we had the great joy of having the precious Bessinger family in our home for the evening-what a blessed time of fellowship and refreshing!!! We are so greatful for dear friends like them who uplift us and encourage us in the Lord.

P.S. The girls and I all played Apples to Apples, and while doing so, got a few pix. of us, and the parents visiting, too, but we never got any of the fleet of dear, fast moving little boys-sorry, guys! :) Martha and Gabriella, good buddies...Lovely Hannah Rachel taunting her fellow players.. ;)Joy and LaughterMe and my dear friend, Ivy B.Katie 'n Hannah (Sorry 'bout the weird lighting-being the professional photographer that I am, I put my paw in front of the flash. No comment, please, dears.} Aren't their smiles lovely, though!?Hey, Ivy!

Thanks for coming, y'all. :D Come again soon, okay? Love to you all, A.G.M.

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Holly B said...

Thank you for all your kind words...YOU are the dear ones. The meal was deliciouis, the table was beautiful, and the fellowship so warm and encouraging.

Thank you, Lord, for providing us with brothers and sisters to walk through this life with.

And thank you, Mortons and Smith, Jrs., for a lovely evening from start to finish.

The Bessingers