Thursday, October 30, 2008

Corn Etc.

Here's the corn, all ready!! Isn't pretty!? Daddy dear is so good at (doing, teaching and leading us in) the garden work~he has such an amazing touch with plants! One that I hope to have one day. ;) I really think plants grow for him because he lovingly tends them, and does it all as unto the Lord. Thank you, Daddy, for loving God and gardens!

The other day, Marth and I went out to pick some of it, and some okra, too, then we took it all in, and Dee boiled and fried it up for supper, and it was soo good!!! It's so neat to go pick things out of your garden for your food! What a blessing. Happy thoughts!

Yes, um, corny, isn't it? Our "grab some shoes" mentality left us with two leftie flip flops and Sam's-er, no, John's water boots. Such footwear always completes an ensemble quite nicely. ;) Marffa dear "Corn, corn, corn. It's all corn."

With our baskets...

We hope to be planting some cabbage, broccoli, and other wintery stuff like that soon, Lord willing-we'll see how it goes! One of the many great thing about being so far down south is you can practically have a garden year round, so that really nice...By the way, does anybody know how you can use kale? In a salad? Just curious...

Anyway, y'all have a great day! Come back and see us!


Bessinger Family said...

I just love the corn field pics. You ladies look so enthused over your harvest.

I always used Kale as one would any of the other Southern greens (mustards, collards, turnips, etc); I always boil them with all those good, savory, down-home seasonings.

When they're done, just fry up/bake some corn bread, heap a mess of 'em on your plate, and you've got a simple and nutritios lunch. That's fresh food at it's best!

Holly B

Dawn Riffell said...

there are some recipes on You Tube with video directions. Try this one or the ones on this same page.

OurLilFullFam said...

Love sweet corn! I just posted about our day at a local corn farm with a maze(with pics)!

I have always used kale like fresh spinach, add to veggie soup, potato soup, sauteed with pasta and some cheese, add to lentils with brown rice in the crockpot, etc. We don't like it raw here like we do spinach for salads, but in stuff, its fine.

Do you make corn chowder? I bet it would work in there. I might try this myself in a couple weeks. I have lots of corn put up in the freezer from this summers harvests.

Lauren said...

Mmmm! I love kale! yes, you just steam it in a little water with some salt, etc, until it's chewable! : ) I also like sauteing it in olive oil with garlic and salt. It's really fresh that way! :D

Just to let you know, we had our first little son the other day, slightly early (27 weeks), and covet your prayers! I hope to get a post up on the blog in the next day or two, with updates and pictures of Little Tait Edward Zimmerman Jr.

Lauren Z.

MortonClan said...

Thanks so much for the ideas, ladies!

Dear Lauren,
Congratulations on your precious baby boy!!! We are soo happy for y'all, and are thinking of and praying for little Tait often...His pictures are just adorable! God bless each of you,

Love, Adeline