Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Living

Church meeting was at our home Sunday, and I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our peaceful and delightful afternoon!! God is so good!!

Enjoy, and bye, y'all!!


Our beloved Father and Patriarch, Michael Morton Joyful little-girlhoodMr. Danny's smileMy little Benji buddy'Manda dearestSistersHis royal Plumpness {Sir Carlos} Laughing GabbriellaThe little protector
Hannah's theatrical pose. ;D
Later I find some of the girls playing, uh, blocks. In the nursery. Very entertaining, actually.
Rushing waters and a bridge.
A pathway statue Sheep SlaughterMr. Blue eyes!!
Daniel's such a cutie!! Andrew, our bigger little brother. :)Mothers and daughters chatting on the porch A, um, "risky" game. ;PH. P. and Carlos... Ah, the joy of holding babies!!Purity
Mr. Fluffy Man!! What a dog will do for something he shouldn't have. ;)JoyBeautiful relaxation... Smelling a rose...Sweet Angie and BekahPrecious little RebekahShowing it to mommy...
Andrew doing the fly face on Mikey...Lovely IvyCute boots, Hannah!!!
Martha and Danny boy

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Holly B. said...

Love the shot of the boys downstairs playing their board game...RISK! That's a very advanced game for a little one...go boys!!

Holly & Ivy B.