Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Family News

This blog is about the Morton Clan in South Georgia, so here is some news.
Alan and Katie Smith continue to bloom and blossom and are quite the precious couple. Their pregnancy is progressing well and they are very happy. They are just two lovebirds.
The next newlyweds - Michael and Kressant - are getting settled in well. Kressant is quite a homemaker and their little house is altogether lovely and homey. Michael looks like the cat who got the cream. :)
Cleveland and Wesley are working with their father in the family construction business, now in its 35th year, and continue to stay abreast of news and views and goings -on that are important . Dorothy , Adeline and Martha continue in their vital role of keeping the Morton household on track and happy. What sunshine they bring to everything. Last night we sat down to fried chicken , (fried in olive oil, it is fabulous), mashed potatoes, spinach-topped tomatoes and fresh biscuits. OOOla-la.
Andrew, Samuel, John ,Edwin and Paul - 11 to 3 - are working, helping, playing and delighting us all. Don't they come up with funny and insightful comments? Out of the mouths of babes...........
I read an article recently on a site called rebelution about raising our expectations and not succumbing to the culture's low, mind numbing standards of what we can accomplish. With our God-given creativity and His guidance, we can do marvelous things!! So, my day - with the children who are still at home - started today with " What Can We Get Done Today!!" "YEAAAAAH!"
A bit of abrupt news - Michael and Kressant were visiting in Griffin last weekend and were involved in a car accident. A lady had been drinking and ran a stop sign and it was a rather serious wreck. The newlyweds are recovering at the Smith home there in Griffin , after a night in the local hospital. All of the injuries , though fairly serious to us, are repairable and we are praising God that the pair was spared more serious injury. The gorgeous Suburban that was the special pet of Mrs. Smith I is now totaled. We are also praising God that they were in that tank and not the small van they had planned to be in, although we do lament the loss of the grand sub. (It was truly a workhorse.) We are praying for a speedy and full recovery for the pair. On an interesting note, Michael's father was led to pray for them off and on all day the day of the wreck , as they were about town , running errands and things. We praise God for all of you praying fathers.
On a more pleasant note.... as I was looking at the lovely pictures that Miss Abbi Sanders took of Michael and Kressant's wedding, I kept wondering why I looked so, well , different. We found out Monday evening and......drum roll........ take great pleasure and delight in announcing that Mr. and Mrs. Morton SENIOR are expecting a baby in June , right around our 25th wedding anniversary. :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

The marriage of Michael B. Morton Jr. and Miss Kressant A. Smith. Posted by Picasa
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Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Morton Jr. processing out! Posted by Picasa
The dear guests look on... Posted by Picasa
"I now pronounce you man and wife..." Michael and Kressant's first kiss ever...Posted by Picasa
Saying the vows... Posted by Picasa
And the trumpet is blown!! Posted by Picasa
The Bride and Groom Arrive!! Posted by Picasa
On our way to the Pavilion for the wedding ceremony. Posted by Picasa
About to move out. Posted by Picasa
Michael B. Morton Sr., Father of the groom. (keeping back the raging crowd! lol:] ) Posted by Picasa
The Bride and Groom are seated and on their way to the ceremony! Posted by Picasa
Jeanine Morton, Mama of the Groom. Posted by Picasa
The Bridesmaids~Bethany, (first seated) sister of the bride, Dorothy, Adeline and Martha, sisters of the groom, and Katie, sister of the bride and groom! :) Posted by Picasa
Rachel, beloved sister and maid of honor. Posted by Picasa
Aunt Jacqueline with boys, Armand and Yeric~"preparing to depart"!~w~ Posted by Picasa
The last of the Bridal party. Posted by Picasa
art~w~:] Posted by Picasa
On level 4 security, of course. LOL! Posted by Picasa
Loading into the vehicles to go to the Pavilion. Posted by Picasa
Giving her away... Posted by Picasa
Uncle Bret escorts his daughter to her groom! Posted by Picasa
Saterday Afternoon on the way to pick up Kressant from her Father's house!!! Posted by Picasa
Processing out on the final run... Posted by Picasa