Thursday, November 30, 2006

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Mr. Mark on the trumpet Posted by Picasa

"It's that old sweet song that keeps Georgia on my mind..." :] Posted by Picasa

Our dear Mother beautifully playing the flute. Posted by Picasa

Thursday afternoon Uncle Bret organized a game of kick the can at the park down the steet. It was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all~Thanks Uncle Bret. Posted by Picasa

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Daddy and Edwin.  Posted by Picasa

Michael and Kressant "pachoom"  Posted by Picasa

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Alan running down Uncle Wes Posted by Picasa

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Uncle Bret discussing team strategy. Posted by Picasa

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The kickers of the bucket Posted by Picasa

The keepers of the bucket:] Posted by Picasa

The end of a fun afternoon Posted by Picasa
Mom here. Well, that was an interesting, uh, field trip , ladies. The rest of you, don't try this at home.

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Adeline Grace. Posted by Picasa

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Home Educated young ladies on a field trip to view a government mandated educational facility. Posted by Picasa

"1,000,000 MILLION years ago..." Posted by Picasa

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