Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shots From the Cabin Window

Well, the Morton household is certainly stirring its stivvers these days, with wedding preparations taking center stage. The Tuxedo jackets came in the other day, and the ties will be in Wednesday - 3 days before the wedding!! The girls are sewing away on the young boys waistcoats ( vests) and I am finishing up Martha's dress. Speaking of Martha's dress - Martha has faithfully beaded the hems on her dress for days now. She has a new appreciation for tiny needles.

Dorothy has been making elderberry jelly - can you say yum, yum?

A new dress for the mother of the groom is expected in the Friday mail and Adeline has trimmed my hat with a luscious silk bow and netting. She is quite a milliner and I count myself blessed indeed to get to wear an 'Adeline original'.

The younger boys in the household have been holding down the fort, mowing the lawn and cleaning up after some meals to give us more time to sew . Thank you , men. Andrew's arm is healing nicely - thank you , Dr. Harris, for your expertise. Samuel has become our official lawn mower starter. And I finally grew a gardenia. Ask me about gardenias. Thank you , Alan and Katie!

The zinnias that we planted to use at the rehearsal dinner may indeed bloom in time. Yeah!! It is so amazing how God makes a flower grow from a seed like that. We are hoping for a whitish green color and other pastels. Other details of the dinner are coming together - and the grilling by Donnie Hicks and Fritz Roberts - grillmen extrordinaires - promises to be quite a hit.

Work continues on Michael and Kressant's home and we are looking forward with great excitement and joy to next Saturday. Our thoughts are with the Brown family in North Carolina , as they look forward to this Saturday and their daughter Kelly's wedding. We are praying for you and Peter, Kelly!! How exciting.

Tomorrow is Michael B's birthday. Happy Birthday, honey. Hey, all you dear wives out there in blog land.....let's hear it for taking your husband out to lunch!!! YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! What a privilege to have a Godly man at the helm. All you wonderful ladies, let's go give our sweethearts a big kiss. Iced tea at the end of the day. Pecan pie after dinner. Okay, okay an apple and some water. Whatever he likes!

God bless these dear men, who seek the Lord and are willing to take the flak and pressure to follow Him. It is the cry of my heart to be a good support to Michael and a helpful helpmeet, sweet and cheerful. I love that scripture that says God will work those things in you that are pleasing in His sight. I can hope in the Lord. He is faithful and able.

Good night.

Friday, August 11, 2006

An Overview of My Recent Trips

Hello everyone,
Here recently, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to travel with the Davis family to Vision Forum's History of the World Mega Conf. in Virginia, and afterwards to Michigan with the Sanders family.
I really enjoyed both trips, (though I missed my family terribly ).
Lord willing, I will be posting pictures periodically though the week (as I have time).
~In Christ Dorothy~
The Silver Smith shoppe was very interesting. Here's a picture showing the steps in the making of a silver ladle.
Sorry ya'll, I've never bloged before. I bloged those last 4 pictures backwords:)
Here's a view of the capital biulding, from the carrige window.
Amanda and Caleb in the carriage.
(Caleb was such a cutie, doffing his
hat to all the passers-by !)

Mrs. Gran enjoying the carriage ride.

Uncle Marc was kind enough to let us ride in the carriage~We had a delightful time!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kressant and me with the dear Smith girls from Texas, producers of the Parable. Posted by Picasa

Dorothy and Rachel Posted by Picasa

Miss Brianna Gardiner Posted by Picasa

Miss Miriam Hart Posted by Picasa

Mr. and Mrs. Edwards Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good evening, everyone. It's Mom here, stopping by to greet you in between checking on Michael Jr's wedding jacket. :)
The wedding and shower preparations are underway in a whirl of planning and activity. We have two bridesmaid's dresses to cut out and make , one to finish, the details on the rehearsal dinner to get together, decisions on several things to finalize, and 5 delightful cuties to love on every day ( my 5 younger boys, ages 11-3.) My Grand Aunt Betty is doing much better after her light stroke, Andrew's broken arm is being well taken care of by Dr. Harris, here in Moultrie, and my Mom and Dad are doing well, albeit a bit tired . When life and sin and weariness and hurt feelings and discouragement show up , we talk and pray and stand by God's grace. Michael B. , the patriarch of the Morton clan, encourages us to greet each other in the morning and to use good manners with each other, here in the family and I think that goes a long way to "making spirits bright" LOL ( Not that we have this down perfectly , by any means- I heard - and dealt with - a discussion about some cowboys this morning - but we're headed in that direction.)
Katie and Alan and their preborn wee one are doing great. I think Katie is feeling much better, though not always exactly well. She had a visitor stop by today - a young lady who is a life-long friend, Kristina Ogren, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Kristina was born one day before Katie and they have been dear friends all their lives.
Happy Birthday , Alan, new dad and husband, brother and son. We love you very much. (July 31).
Adeline is spending the week with the Smith family , to help with wedding prep. We miss our Addie May, but we know she is having fun and being her usual helpful self.
Did I say that Dorothy just got back from a wonderful trip with the Davis family from Valdosta? They went to the History conference in Virginia sponsored by Vision Forum. The Sanders family took Dorothy to Michigan with them the following week, so we were bereft of our Dorothy for 2 whole weeks.!!!!!