Friday, August 29, 2008

The Pendletons Visit

What a joy to have a visit from the dear Pendleton family!! I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few. :) They brought a huge, delicious supper, complete with gourmet desserts, and tasty lemonade-they always make you feel so loved.
We spent the evening playing nertz, eating wonderful food, of course, ;) swinging on Wesley's massive see-saw, talking, reading poetry, and laughing, just to name a few things. The parents enjoyed an evening out together, many thanks going to Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton. We are looking forward to our next visit, and thank all of you dear P's for such an uplifting night! God bless you all!Little Miss N.Dorothy's authentic maya wrap!! Ta-da! Yummm...Strawberries...Miss E.Miss A.LOL!! What cuties! Mikey and little N. were such good buddies!I'll end with lots of kisses for Doughy Joey from his Mom and Aunt! Aww..

Bye Y'all!


Alrighty, this pic. is just really gross. Slightly amusing, only if you're not eating, as it may curdle you food. :) Such beauty is seen rarely. Enjoy, friend.

Ah, dear, this is slightly better. :D Slightly.

Miss E., I hope you and yours get a little laugh...we sure had allot of them while spending time with such a sweet family like y'all!! God bless. Love, Adeline and Clan

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two Sisters

Here's a few pictures of the sweet R. girls~Aren't they precious? What a blessing to have two sisters who are each other's best friends!! May God bless them. I thought their little dresses were darling, and with their sweet faces and happy smiles they were just asking to be photographed! What cuties!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Feet...

While we're blogging about our darlings, I thought I'd share these sweet pictures of Carlos getting his little feet stamped...aww...they're so precious and tiny!
Preparing to stamp...

Voila!! Aren't they beautiful!? Poor baby, I don't think he enjoyed it very much, though, LOL!Inky feet... Carlos was a dear, of course, and was very cooperative with his irksome Auntie, not even complaining when the process was over, that his cute onesie was spotted here and there with a few dots of that black stuff!! What a gracious little sprout...
This picture is for Brittney. LOL! Look, it's your "wave"!! ;) Now, all clean, honey child!!
You have precious feet, little man...use them to carry out the Lord's work. Ah, for how blessed are the feet of them that bring good news!

Friday, August 08, 2008

A Morning with Auntie

{this was written a few days before Carlos was born~enjoy!}

*yawn* "Hey, folks. Mikey III here.
Well, Mom had to run to the store, so here I is at Auntie's. It is a bright morning, the sun is shining, and I'm just up from my nights slumbers. I'm still waking up, actually. She, Auntie, that is, sat me down in this high chair, chattering cheerily about the fun we would have. And I think we will have some, too. But, I suspect, by the way her brows are knit in between her sentences, she is not sure how to mix my rice cereal the way Mom does. Humm...she's a dear, but, she has indeed made my cereal all wrong. But I was a good boy and ate some any way, smiling all the while, even though it was a little colder and thinner then I'm accustomed too. After that, which was rather stressful for me, trying to swallow large mouth fulls and smile at the same time, she served me an impossible amount of "dessert" as she put it, smashing the slightly green bananas all over the formerly clean tray. After I ate a polite amounts of the offering, I reclined and enjoyed my fingers for a tastier alternative.
After that, I gave her animated renditions of stories that I heard Mom tell Dad at dinner last night. I don't think she understood me, but she still laughed and clapped and said I was an "adorability' as she says it, which I'm not sure what that means...
Here's another part of that story Mom was telling Daddy...In this shot I am imitating Mom imitating me....pretty authentic look, eh? My foot~She thought this was so cute!! She and another Auntie did "little piggies" with my toes, and I do like it. My favorite part of it is where they tickle me at the end...It makes me laugh.... But after a short while, I started to miss Mom, and was grumpy, so she put me to bed, and I had a very good nap....
Here I am, laughing...It was fun~we had a good time together, and enjoyed ourselves immensely~Auntie most of all, I think.

Well, bye, y'all. Goodnight!!"

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In Which we Show off Grandbabies 2

Here's the whole crew!!! Aren't they precious!? I can hardly believe we have 5 grandsons!! God is so gracious.
This time we spared them the uncomfortable clothes, and let them enjoy thier little jeans and T shirts... ;) The cutest part of these sessions is watching all the little momma's keeping them in a line, and the aunts/grandmothers trying to get the five of them to look in one direction...LOL...There's a delightful sight...
Enjoy the pictures!!
P.S. For more group cousin pictures taken a few months ago, go here.

The Crew
Bret III
Mikey III
Ronald Michael
Joseph Jr
Carlos Phinehas, our newest model! Lovely Kate and her chil'rens... Singing Tots...Look at The Chunck!!! He is soo fluffy and fun to hold!! 'Tis Jo Man and his pretty Mama!

I shall end with a sweet picture of hugging sweet!

Have a great day, y'all! Bye!