Friday, August 29, 2008

The Pendletons Visit

What a joy to have a visit from the dear Pendleton family!! I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few. :) They brought a huge, delicious supper, complete with gourmet desserts, and tasty lemonade-they always make you feel so loved.
We spent the evening playing nertz, eating wonderful food, of course, ;) swinging on Wesley's massive see-saw, talking, reading poetry, and laughing, just to name a few things. The parents enjoyed an evening out together, many thanks going to Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton. We are looking forward to our next visit, and thank all of you dear P's for such an uplifting night! God bless you all!Little Miss N.Dorothy's authentic maya wrap!! Ta-da! Yummm...Strawberries...Miss E.Miss A.LOL!! What cuties! Mikey and little N. were such good buddies!I'll end with lots of kisses for Doughy Joey from his Mom and Aunt! Aww..

Bye Y'all!


Alrighty, this pic. is just really gross. Slightly amusing, only if you're not eating, as it may curdle you food. :) Such beauty is seen rarely. Enjoy, friend.

Ah, dear, this is slightly better. :D Slightly.

Miss E., I hope you and yours get a little laugh...we sure had allot of them while spending time with such a sweet family like y'all!! God bless. Love, Adeline and Clan


Blaine said...

Hey Addie! where are the "goofy" pics I took for you of Peaches, Dee and yourself? E.L.P
P.S. Anna says hi and she loves ya'!

MortonClan said...

Err...well, I thought I might tarnish our public image forever, hence to absence of the above mention photographs. ;)

But, considering your interest, however, I'll post 'em for your personal amusement... :) LOL...

Tell Anna dear I send my love, to her, and all of you!
God bless!! Hope we can see y'all again soon!

Love, Adeline