Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy First Anniversary, Alan and Katie!
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthay Katie!!

We love you so much!
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One of my fondest memories...blueberry picking, and singing in the woods... :)
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A self~sacrificing, godly example as a sister...
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A pure, loving bride...
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A precious daughter...
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A beautiful, faithful wife...
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Friday, April 06, 2007

A loving Mother
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flour Bomb Fight 2007

{ The whole sha-bang!! }
A few weeks ago, on a delightful Sunday afternoon, all we kiddies gathered up and, after having appointed Tanner and Andrew captains, and after choosing their armies, we all commenced to head down to the woods for a robust game of flour bombs! We had a great time, and had a fine dusting of flour when we arrived back home! Below are a few pictures from a very memorable afternoon~Enjoy!

Jordin and Campbell

Angela and Jordin H.

Daisy and Martha

All the girls~from left, Campbell, Marty Dorothy, Jordin,
Martha, Norma, Angela and Adeline.

Darth and Marty!

The Roberts Sisters

Norma and Adeline.... making some unusual faces....

The Morton Sisters
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Marty and Jordin after the smoke~er, flour cleared.
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Photos from last month... :)

Michael and Kressant enjoying their nephew~Oh, look for their live baby updates sometime in July!!! Lord willing, I may even be able to do some pictures of all of us sitting around waiting ect.!! Trying to create the ultimate blog experience.... ;)
John Man wielding his sword with vim n' vigor...
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Climbing onto the roof~where many sword fights and chases are commenced with great gallantry! {complete with sound affects and falls. ;) }
The ware house/ gas station/livery stable, depending on what the time era they're in!
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A view of the whole thing. {Note the flag in the corner~I love it!} What a onderful bunch of buddies!
Our little men in their "Mor Town" that they built all by themselves~isn't it splendid?
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Our beautiful boy!
Lovin' hims Aunt Mofa!! What a doll...
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