Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flour Bomb Fight 2007

{ The whole sha-bang!! }
A few weeks ago, on a delightful Sunday afternoon, all we kiddies gathered up and, after having appointed Tanner and Andrew captains, and after choosing their armies, we all commenced to head down to the woods for a robust game of flour bombs! We had a great time, and had a fine dusting of flour when we arrived back home! Below are a few pictures from a very memorable afternoon~Enjoy!


Denise said...

Looks like yall had a ball!! How would one go about making a "Flour Bomb"?

Love yall,
Aunt Neecy

MortonClan said...

Hey, Aunt Neecy!!
Well, we just get a paper napkin and fold it out to it's thinest layer, and fill it with a big scoop of cheap flour, and tie it up with a twistie, and tra~la!
Hope y'all are doing well!
Love you,

Denise said...

Cool! We'll have to try that after this cold snap is over. Its freezing up here!!!

Love yall
Aunt Neecy