Saturday, October 18, 2008


To all our dear, faithful blog readers,

How are you? Our family is very well-God is soo faithful and good, all of the time. He makes everyday peaceful and His love and mercy every morning sustains you through everything He allows to come your way. He is so awesome.

Sorry it's been so long since we've posted!! Thanks of coming back anyway, dears. Our family's been super busy of late, but of course, who isn't ? :) We're started a little antiques business, putting our finds in a few booths in some malls for selling~we are having so much fun with it, and have enjoyed the unusual world of antiques and the art of of acquiring them-y'all, it was so cool-last weekend we went to the Scott antique market in Atlanta, and it was unbelievable!! There were so many beautiful, OLD things, it made you dizzy!! I got to to see a book written by John Calvin, published in the 16- something!! Wow!! That same guy has a ton of neat old books that were very interesting...I got to see mountain lion and zebra skins, and human hair jewelry from the Victorian era, also a little boy's old bull fighting costume from France {poor child!} huge diamonds, massive tables, precious little French chairs, and all sorts of unusual people from all over the world!!! I met this hilarious elderly lady from Cuba, who reminded me for all the world of Tula Porticollos' aunt!!!! Haha!!! We had a great time.

We're also been trying to finish up the inside of the Big Barn...the bulldozer guy came yesterday and dug up the barn's side yard for the septic tank for the barn's bathrooms, and the plumber is over allot, too. A dear friend is being so dear and helping us design the commercial kitchen!!! WOW!! We ladies are very excited about that!! Can you imagine? The canning? the cooking!!? The get-to-gethers you could have, with such ease!!? The Lord is so good to let us finally finish this big project!! Please pray it will all go well and smoothly...

We've had the great joy of having Alan ad Katie stay with us for the past month!!!!! Alan got a job hauling peanuts in his truck down here, and so we get to keep 'em here!!! Everything is soo precious when your whole family is with you...It's been a real blessing to get to be with the grand kids, too-we miss them so much when they're gone!! And there's nothing like having our Katie "home" again, and Alan here, too!! We're savoring everyday, 'cause peanut season will pass too, I suppose. I guess that's the way we should be with every season in our life, because everything is always changing, so we must rejoice in everyday and every person while it's here. Speaking of seasons, isn't this Fall weather glorious!!?? Just glorious!!?? Ah! Oh, and that crispy fall cold is here!!!! It's quite crispy, like, 55 crispy. We get all bundled up in the mornings and look like overstuffed penguins, LOL! After a while, though, we begin to shed layers, and by afternoon, it's down to short sleeves and perfect for picnics and walks down the lane! Tra-la, what joyful days!!!

Please continue to pray for the Plath family. They are on all our hearts, and

Well, farewell, all!! As Mr Larry Hagen says, "be blessed and be a blessing!!"

With Love, Adeline for the Clan

P.S. Here's a few random pictures from the past few weeks-enjoy!

Martha's view from her tree...

Daddy Darling
A broccoli drop living on the edge...

Happy Joseph!!! Joe's precious paws
Grand Daddy and Ron visiting...

Mother Dearest
Doughy Joey and his Uncle Cleve hanging out. One evening found Bret fleeing the scene with armfuls unauthorized bread products. Supposing him to be storing it for a rainy day, he has attack by paparazzi and kisses after being released with no further charges. "Wow!! Are those doughnuts!!???" "Dude, watch your calories...those things are not only fattening, but explosive.""Oh. My. I think I'm choking." {By the way, look at those eyes!!}

Mikie III was clean and ready to go to town one day this week, but, in true boy fashion, he promptly dirty himself for his trip out...notice to caked dirt on his sleeve. Beautiful.
Dew kissed roses...

Bye, y'all!!


OurLilFullFam said...

Such happy babies!

How sweet that you get to spend that time with your sister and family again!

OurLilFullFam said...

Barry and Kim are on my heart so much. Prayers are said daily here for them.