Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photos from the Men's Work

Howdy, Folks!!

A few weeks ago, some of us took lunch over to the boy's job. We had a great time over our sandwiches, laughing, telling jokes and then taking a few siestas under the pine trees and in lawn chairs afterwords, all making for a very jolly and relaxing lunch break.

The project their working on right now is the re-building of a cabin from the early 1800's!! They're doing beautiful work, (Of course, as always ;) and it's been really neat to watch it go back up all repaired and sturdy, using most of the original logs and beams. It's made of virgin timber, being one of the earlier homes build in our county, and you can even see where the men hand sawed it! I'll have to show y'all a picture of it when they finish it all up!! Until then here are some of the us, the cabin, and the lovely grounds surrounding it.
Rachel and Doughy JoeyLovely, dearest Kate, lovely!!Andrew and Bret of fishing fame...How precious...Andrew, my buddy!Wesley dear telling a joke...Joseph practicing his stand up comedy routine...grand debut is scheduled for 3 years... ;)Beautiful child!!!

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