Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Table Talks

While Daddy and Mama were in Williamsburg this past June for their 26 anniversary, they visited the Williamsburg taverns~They were talking about how our founding fathers would gather there and just talk, and discuss things together, in manly conversation. So, Daddy got a vision for a time that the men in our area could gather together in an undistracted, relaxed setting and fellowship, eat, talk, laugh and discuss things as men of God.

So...on the 10 of this month, God allowed us to host this "tavern table talk" in our home~We moved furniture around, brought in tables, and made a restaurant style setting for the men to enjoy supper at. After the meal was eaten and the dishes cleared away, they moved into the living room, or stayed at their tables and talked, shared and learned together, the last man pulling out of the driveway around 1:40 leaving the Calathora men very blessed, uplifted, inspired, and looking forward to the next table talk. Our wonderful host...Ready and waiting...Some of the things we served that night were the same things that were served to the founding fathers in the Williamsburg taverns 250 years ago."As iron sharpen iron, so one man sharpens another"Michael Jr...Listening....Talking...Thinking...

Praise God for our brothers in Christ.

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