Monday, July 14, 2008

When we came to the church building, it was about lunch time, so we all stopped and enjoyed a sandwich, and then we went inside and had a jamming session for about an hour. Y'all, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard~the acoustics in that building are absolutely amazing... We sang and played hymns, Scottish ballads, soundtracks, and chorus and just had a precious time. A whole bunch of people came in, of course, while we were playing and they would just sit there on the benches for a while and listen. Several people came up with tears in their eyes and told me { I was outside eating my lunch} to tell "those people in there playing" how much they appreciated it. I think it was a really neat way to show the love of the Lord to folks through music. Praise God.
Our Mum and Dad
Awww....Sweet Auntie holding the "sweeping wittle baybeeee..."
It's Joe Man, the Chunk!!!
This was so adorable~when we came in and sat down, sweet Bret waddled his wearily little self over to a bench, and layed down in the cutest way!! Poor baby, he was exhausted...
Enjoying sack lunches right outside the steps.

The Violinist {I wish we had gotten a picture of our wonderful pianist, Wesley, but, alas, we somehow did not...oh, well. But his playing was beautiful.} The Guitarist
Me, Dorothy, Joseph and Martha enjoying the old church building and the worn, comfortable wooden seats....It's such a neat thought, when you go to historical sites, and sit in, or stand on, a place, to think about who might have sat there 100 years ago, and what they were thinking, doing, and how they were living...I pray we can leave a Godly legacy for many generations to come, and that we can write down what we're doing, thinking and how we are living, which is hopefully for the glory of God.
Uncles, muskets and nephew...


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Anonymous said...

Lovely post, but was it really necessary to brandish the muskets inside a House of God?

Can we not turn our heads from violence when we're in the house of our Lord?