Monday, July 14, 2008

We had such a great time with Daddy's side of the family~old stories, some new ones, sweet babies, haircuts, laughing, air hockey, pool, family history/genealogy, tons of food, and more food, and then we had allot of food and~well, anyway. There was food. ;) We're Southern...
Praise the Lord for such wonderful times. Dear Aunt W. holding a very happy baby!! Another happy baby in another Aunt's arms...And Cousin L.~She did such a great job of coordinating all of this~L., thank you soo much.Sweet cousin L.Ron's little smile!! What a precious...
Our 2nd cousin, B. and C., and then our first cousin, Mr. G.~what a riot!! ;)
Back porch haircut from cousin L. for cousin R....
Alan and Rons Man. {Bethany, in this picture, does Ron look like the Sheats' side? Maybe. Anyway, cute expression. ;)}
Our precious Aunt D., Daddy's next~to~the~oldest sister. She is so much fun to talk to~her stories are soo wonderful!!
Sweet cousin J.
B., Cousin J.'s cute little boy. Mama and Aunt D. enjoying the afternoon.

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