Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Saturday: We sadly said goodbye to the dear Pendleton family that morning- it was so good to see y'all!
The rest of the day was spent in quiet relaxation... Ah, it was wonderful!! I just love being with such precious people!! All of us girls piled into the sub and made an impromptu trip to DQ for a lunch of icecream, (the nuts playing the nutritional role) and then we enjoyed walks, dress-up and-make-a-home-video, :) and making people pyramids in the pasture that afternoon.
Delicious, girls?Here's two darlings out on the deck, Gracia and Rosie.

The Mums visited and watched "The Magic of Ordinary Days" while all the boys talked and did archery that afternoon. After the dear Roberts went home, we all had a delicious supper (Aunt Lisa's famous chicken picotta meal!! Ah, super good stuff!) and then I fell asleep in a big fluffy chair and the rest of the evening was rather foggy....I think Rook and such was the order of the evening. :)

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