Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Wedding Shower

Hello, Y'all!
This memorable night took place a few weeks ago, and I'm sorry it had taken me so long to post~It was so fun to do it later rather then right off, because it brought back a flood of precious memories of the evening!
As you can see from the pictures {Thanks, Dear Aubry!} the precious folks from our gathering did the most beautiful job of preparing a huge sit down dinner, with fantastic food, wonderful fellowship, and lovely decorations to make it that much more special. What a blessing! They are each so wonderful. Thank the Lord for such an uplifting and kind family in the Lord!
Well, I will scoot off to bed...Tomorrow brings a huge trip to the plant nursery {!!!} and yard work~I'm looking forward to a day in the summer breeze! Hopefully it will be breezy. If not, Oh well. :) 'Twill be jolly being with Mum, the girls and my Five Little Indians!!!


Love in Christ Jesus,

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