Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Self Portrait

Here I am, flustered for not having any interesting posts....sorry, y'all. We will get it one day. :)
Have a blessed afternoon, now!! We are having a splendid one, filled with sewing and all that wonderful stuff that comes along with a afternoon of seam rip~err, sewing with one's dear sisters! ;) What a joy! Bless the Lord for such precious friends that I have in my sisters!!
Au~revoir, friends!

Adeline Grace


My Redeemer Liveth said...

Well, even though you don't have anything interesting now to post about, Adeline, I'm sure very soon you will ;) And we are all very anxious :D

Mrs. Vawser said...

I love the picture. HA! You are blessed to have such wonderful sisters. Your whole family is such a joy and I enjoy looking at your blog. It gives me great encouragement!!!
God Bless,
Mrs. Vawser

princesskate7 said...

That's hilarious! Good joke :) I'm happy everything is going well...

Ruthanne said...

Hi Adeline. : ) Still checking in as usual, even when posts are sporadic. Our blog is feast or famine, as well, as we are so busy actually living life it's hard to get it written about sometimes!

I'm so excited for you all with regard to Wesley's and Rachel's wedding!

Much love to you,