Thursday, January 15, 2009

Then that night, we got to hear Kirk Cameron, (who plays Caleb Holt in Fireproof) speak,
And hear the Von Trapp children sing, the great-grandchildren of the Captain and Maria Von Trapp.
We got to see the dear Hornemans!! Such a precious couple...she is so lovely
And the Dels!!! (Hey, girls!! It was so good to see y'all!) We kept passing them in Starbucks... ;)
It was really neat to meet the oldest Dugger daughter and some of her sisters-how wonderful it must be to have 17 brothers and sisters!! What a blessed family.
Also speaking was Mr. Kendrick,
And then Mr. Phillips asked Mr. Kendrick and Mr. Cameron some questions about the movie Fireproof-that was very interesting.
Ken Wales, producer of the film Amazing Grace, Chariots of Fire and the Christy series was there, and made a heartfelt tribute to his friend, Mr. Dean Jones, before he introduced him.
And then we got to see Mr. Dean Jones!! When the audience started to applause, he looked upwards and started applauding too-It was so beautiful to see how he gave all the glory and honor where it was due-the Lord Jesus. Praise His name for such humble men.
And then one of the highlights of the whole weekend was when Mr. Jones gave an absolutely thrilling rendition of Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty" speech-it was fabulous and stirring...unbelievable!

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