Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Which We Arrive Home from the San Antonio Christian Film Festival and What we Did While We Were There

Hello, Everybody!!!

Hope you all have had a blessed week!

Here I am to tell you, as mentioned in an overly long title, LOL, about our trip out to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival! Alas, so much for my nightly updates!! Maybe next year...the computer simply would not cooperate, and took days to upload pictures, so I thought, hey, so much for this! So here I am now.

Well, we had a wonderful time-we saw allot of really neat movies, we got to see Dean Jones, Kirk Cameron and a few others, we met some new friends, saw some dear old ones, missed seeing some other dear friends , ate some delicious Mexican food and real big Texan BBQ, and visited with friends of ours, the Rogers family, that go way back, to name a few things.

{Our friends, the Rogers, have known Daddy and Mama since before Mama and Daddy were married-It's so fun to hear them all tell stories and reminisce!! We enjoyed their amazing hospitality Saturday night and Sunday-thanks so much, dear Rogers! It was all so wonderful!}

While in TX we were all pretty stuffy with that awful cough/cold thing that's been going around, but other than that all was well, and we had a blast! (I'm sure we drove the poor audience to tears with our coughing...yes, it was that pitiful. But really, it seems most everybody has it. Bless all of our hearts. We're on the mend, though, praise the Lord, and almost better. We even had ice cream this afternoon to aid in our recovery. :)

Oh, and to all of y'all that we saw out there, hello again!!! It was such a blessing to see you all. Hope to see you again sometime soon. To all of you that we missed, we missed you!!

It's super cold here, y'all! We're so bundled up we all look like fat little Eskimos, minus the igloo, of course. It's supposed to be 28 tonight, and it seemed colder last!! Andrew put out some sprinklers yesterday, and this morning we woke up to our own mini ice storm! It was really neat. What happened to ze grass...
Et le pine bough...
And der fence!!

Isn't it pretty?

Oh yes-more random news from around the house. Marth's house slipper melted this morning.
We were all in shock. We're still recovering. Us three little girls had our feet propped up beside a roaring fire this morning while we ate our breakfast, and this is how our tranquil reverie was interrupted, to then be transformed into a laughing one. Watch those soles, y'all!

Alrighty, back to the Film Festival..."Would you roll the finalists' tape, please?"


SmithFamily said...

I'm trying to recover from a laughing fit! I love you girls! Love Katie

The Campana Family said...

Thats Funny!
Alyssa And Mariah