Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saturday night, we headed over to the Rogers' for the night, and even though we stumbled in the door at 11:00 pm, they had hot tea, fresh homemade apple pie and a hot toasty fire waiting for us when we got there-what a dear, hospitable family!! Mr. and Mrs. Rogers
Dorothy and their sweet daughter, Hannah. "Forsooth!! I can see - land!! Almost home!"
Looking at this picture, as Daddy is driving, or leading us along all those miles, I think how blessed I am to have such a wonderful leader in life, too. God is soo good.
The message of this picture-stay hydrated!! 'specially on trips. T'will fix most of your physical ailments.
Awww...look!!! It's a just married car!!
The Captionless Picture
This chopper stalked us for hours-we thought we were goners when it finally caught up with us after two states-then, just as it came up beside our right window, we heard someone shouting through a mega phone, and I snapped this picture right before................!!
Oh. Never mind. It's on a trailer. We're all so relieved.
Our Wonderful Brother
'Ze Bridge "After three months in the horseless carriage, claustrophobia and mental challenges began to have their effect on the victims within. The few pictures that were discovered are all we have to determine the end of the brave explorers." -The Exploration of the Westword Passage, pg. 100,10
Texas brisket. THE best. Ah, this place had super good BBQ. Daddy was so dear and got us some delicious pecan pie for dessertie, too! Here we are trying to evacuate our vehicle.
Feet in line at Bill Miller's... And a hand from an outside the car view point... And the beautiful moon!! Isn't this breathtaking?

Thank you so much, Daddy Dear, for taking us on such a fun vacation!

Ta ta, ya'll!

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Michaelmthomas said...

What an awsome trip! I so much would have like to have gone to the Film Festival.

"Forsooth!! I can see - land!! Almost home!" - Wow! that one made me smile!

Of course, the "few pictures" discovered to determine the end of the brave explorers ... the caption is perfect!