Friday, January 16, 2009

The Calathora New Year's Ball...

...and what we did on the night 2008 went out, and 2009 came in...

Here we are in the Wedding Barn, (where two weddings and several retreats have been held) and, with the Morton Construction Crew having been busy working on it of late, it's more finished now, and is so beautiful. Ahh...well, the night is cool-not too cold, but just that right feel to enjoy either a hot cup of coffee, or a cold glass of punch when you come in, if you want, on this lovely New Year's Eve! We're so glad you're here to help us sing out the old year, pray in the next, and rejoice in our Lord together!!

Oh, there's hot crab soup, biscuits, all sorts of little fattening chocolate-dipped stuff, fruit and such over there if you want a little something to eat, and in a little bit, Daddy Dearest will welcome everybody, we'll pray, and then each family will get up on the stage, and tell everybody about who they've come as. (it being a costume ball type thing) That will be neat...I see some real interesting costumes, I can't wait to find out who they are!

After that, we'll do some dancing, eating and visiting, then, a little before the New Year arrives, we'll all sing, worshipping our King together, and dedicate this next year to the Blessed One who gives it...May we live it as unto Him, Jesus Christ.

Enjoy all the pictures! Many thanks to the folks who took 'em all-these are a conglomeration of about 5 camera cards, ;) so, not really sure who took which ones, but thanks for sharing them, y'all!

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