Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We're Here!!

Greetings from the Lone Star State, dear friends!!

Here we are, all cozy in our hotel room, 'moi' sipping a cup of hot herbal tea, Darfy and Marfy in bed, one reading, the other's eyes at half mast, Mother dearest in bed bearing an awful headache, Daddy Darling, the best of husbands, off to get her some aspirin, and all the guys reigning chiefly in the room next door! I hear loud thumping...LOL, naw, I'm kidding-all is silent, and I'm sure they are off to sleep by now. :D We had a blessed trip out here, stopping in Pensacola for the night, and starting up again the next morning...we saw lots of alligators when going through Louisiana, (cool!!) and have been doing lots of reading, singing, talking, sleeping, and looking out the windows, of course-we stopped by this wonderful, authentic Louisianan restaurant for lunch, (Thanks, Daddy!) and enjoyed some Cajun food, and then tonight, we went to this amazing little BBQ place called Mikeske's, where, inside, they had every kind of animal you could think of stuffed on the walls!! It was about to close, so it was empty and us having gone through the drive through, we all tumbled out barefooted and scruffy to run inside and frighten the staff and look at all the stuffed creatures!! :) They were soo amazing!!

Oh, can't wait to show y'all all the pictures from the New Year's Ball-all of them are at home, so I'll have to do that later-anyway, it was a wonderful evening!!

So, goodnight! More later, Lord willing-look for nightly up dates on the film fest.-we can't wait!

Love in Him,
Look at this!!
This was above the front door
Marf with some sort of beastling-and our new hair inspiration. :)

With our precious father... Andrew with the menu at Thibodeaux's! We went on a loverly walk one night after it rained-it was so nice to get some walking time and fresh air!Ah...this is beautiful.
'Till later!


Lauren said...

What fun! Tait and I wanted to go to the festival this year, but, of course, our baby had other plans. : )

My husband's family is down there, though: Don & Robin (his parents) and Esther and Ashley (his sisters). Keep your eyes out for two blonde girls, one very tall, and the other very small. ; )

Mama Ant said...

Looks like a neat place! Was the food good?

Can't wait to see the pics of the ball!


Esther Zimmerman said...

Great post! All those dead heads are amazing!! =D

Haha to Lauren's comment!

It was SO nice to meet you girls! I love you (and the Smiths) blog!

Hope you had a safe and enjoyable trip back and I look forward to keeping in touch with you on here! =)

God bless!

MortonClan said...

Hello, Lauren dear! Ah, maybe next year, Lord willing!? I can't wait to 'meet' you in person! We got to see your dear family while we were out there!! They are so sweet. :D It was wonderful to hear a good report about little Tait from Esther! (He is such a cutie:)

Oh, yes, Mrs. A., the food was some of the best ever. Looking forward to seeing you and yours this weekend!!

Esther, it was such a blessing to meet you!
We're looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog, too!! Your pictures are beautiful. Alaska is gorgeous! God bless,
Love, Adeline