Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hi-& Bye

Hello, folks!!!
Super busy-must run!!! Am posting a deluge of caption less pictures for your own personal enjoyment and for posterity-authoress desires greatly to properly blog the events following with adequate wordage, but..."duty and honor call me to the North, so-come my dear!"

After we get back from the SAICFF, (hope to see some of you there!) have the New Year's ball we're hosting (!!) and get back into the swing of things come January, I hope to do a little more work on this thing-maybe a few polls or a new backdrop or something-Get a "new look, same great taste" type thing!! ;)

Oh!! Katie heard the baby's heartbeat the other day! We're so excited-each little grand baby is soo dear...Oh, and they're down here for a few days on a visit!!! Ah~bliss is when you have the Lord, and when your whole fam is around you...

Well, bye! Keep us in your prayers-love to you all!!

Over and out,

Adeline-Do-It-Ahead-Of-Time Morton


Alyssa said...

Hey Adeline,
Can't wait until the
"new look same great taste" thing :p
It's cold!( no longer 80 degrees!):D
Miss ya!

Blue~Eyed~Wolf said...

The pictures look great. It is nice to see another person related to granddad who picked up his love for a camera ::wink::
Love you all my dears,

MortonClan said...

Hey, Alyssa! Miss you too,hon!

Quentin!! So good to hear from you, dear cousin!! Glad you like the pictures-your's are absolutely amazing! (love you blog:)

Hope to see you soon,
Love, Adeline