Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ron's Celebration

Hey, y'all!!
Ah, what a joy our precious Ron is...Our third grandchild, he is a fluffy bundle of, well, just absolute cuteness. His laugh makes you laugh, and his favorite face will be your's too.
Just a few weeks ago, we all gathered to celebrate this little darling...laughter, loving notes, gifts and dainty foods, (all so thoughtfully prepared and lovingly brought) were enjoyed throughout the afternoon...The spirit of the Lord that was there, that love, is what made this little shower extra special, I believe...so here's to our darling big sis and nephew-we love y'all!
Our little man of the day!
Lappin' wit' him's mama..
Mama and big brother Bret
Reading notes...and such pretty ones, too...One of the ladies had printed out of picture of little Ron, and "framed" it with pretty paper on the front of the card-it was so beautiful! What an adorable diaper bag...The monogramming is so elegant!
Gifts...Isn't that a cute blue diaper pail? And I love the practical gift of the apple sauce...such a great idea.
And then at the last, Rachel brought out a beautiful truck that Wesley had hand made for little Ron..It was soo sweet, and just made everybody cry...Wesley made it look exactly like the one Alan drives, with the company name and everything. Isn't it precious? I know Ron will enjoy it so much.
Beautiful Mama...
And here's the lovely feast! Notice the chocolate dipped pretzels to the right. Also the cheesecakes.
And the cake...Lord, do bless him, Father...
And to wrap it up, a picture of our two special people, Katie and Ronald-May God bless you richly. We're so grateful for you both!!

Goodnight, dear readers...love those precious babies in your life. They're bénédictions fabuleuses!


OurLilFullFam said...

What a sweet smile!

And what a great truck! How sweet of Wesley to make that. I know she must love it just as much as little Ron.

Kat said...
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Brittany Lane said...

Hello Morton Clan,
I know you do not know me personally but, I bet "Bethy" has told you about "The Lanes"(I hope she told you at least one thing good). :-) My family fellowships with your dear precious sister(and daughter) Mrs. Katie, her husband Mr. Alan and your charming nephews(and grandsons)Ron and Bret. I am in total agreement with you that Ronnie and his WHOLE family are so dear and precious to our whole family. I hope we will meet someday. Until then....
God Bless and keep all of you in His hands,
Brittany Lane

Kat said...

He is so cute! and the pictures turned out beautiful.

Alan and katie are truly blessed!


Sam said...

I love this post!!!!! Ron is so cute.
It was so nice to see the few of yall that came to the Lanes house the other day.
Luv yall.

MortonClan said...

Hello, dear Brittany!!

Bethany has told me all about you and your dear family- I can't wait to meet y'all!! May God bless you richly.

Until later, then!

Much love, Adeline

MortonClan said...

Sami dear, it was super great to see y'all again, too!!

Isn't he though, Kat? :) Of course I'm a rather biased auntie. :P

Love to you!