Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Hello, Folks!
Well, what wonderful days of thanksgiving we had together on the 27 and 28. We had a delightful meal with part of our family on the 27, {enjoying the amazing lights, a hamburger and the whole town on the square that evening!} and then when Katie, Alan, the kids, and our grandparents came in the next day, we had another feast and more wonderful celebrating...So, all in all, we had our dear Grand Daddy and Nana, our children and all the grandchildren here all at one time...I think that's one of the most precious things in the whole world, when you have your family around the table with you...

We have so much to be thankful to our precious Heavenly Father for-too many to name-but the most important thing that we have to be grateful for, is His amazing love, and His sending His only Son to restore our relationship with Him. That is truly awesome.
Thank You, Father...

The day dawns... The little munchkin enjoying his food like a man... "Did you say beans?" "Hear ye, hear ye!!"
Priscilla Mullen Alden bearing gourds and squashes...What an amazing lady...{guess what? One of her direct descendant is one of our dearest friends, Mrs. Cindy L., who's maiden name was Alden!! Wow...So neat.
A darling picture Kress took of Michael Jr. and little Carlos. They take turns reading aloud... ;)
Down town lights!!! How glorious..they turn 'em on on Thanksgiving night, and the whole town shows up for the fun!! The lights hang like a canopy from the tipy top of the courthouse...
We ran into lots of dear old friends-It was such a joy to see P., now married with the cutest little girl and one on the way!!! Praise God! And also our dear baby sitter from years ago, L.-this isn't her, of course, this is her adorable, darling little guy-isn't he just a doll? It was soo good to see you, Mrs. L!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kress,Awesome picture of Michael and Carlos! Beautiful.
Love to you all !
Love, Katie

Lela and Jay said...

I Loved getting to see ya'll! You are such a beautiful family! Such a good picture of my little guy! I will have to call on you for some more! The pictures of your table at Thanksgiving and all the food were great- it all looked so good! Love you all!

The Campana Family said...

Little Micheal Looks soooo cute!!!

Nick has Somthing for Andrew on our Blog.