Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, Y'all!!!

The Morton Clan would like to send a blessed and happy New Year greeting to our friends! We pray that your year ahead would be filled with the joy of our precious Savior, and with the blessings of following His perfect will.
With love,
The Mortons


Ruthanne said...

And a very Happy and Blessed New Year to you all, as well!

You know, I've been catching up on your blog and the Smith's blog as well, even going back into the archives and I can't believe I didn't know enough to talk with all of you more at the SAICFF. :( I remember seeing you all walking together here and there and you were *right there* readily available to hug and laugh with!

Ah well... God's timing is perfect and Lord willing He'll allow us to meet again one day. :) In the meantime, you two families are such a blessing to me!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!