Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hosea and Janna welcoming their guests...
Janna's father shares a funny story...

It was really neat-after we all ate, folks would get up and tell stories about and bless the bride and groom, which made for many laughs and some sweet tears...this was such a peaceful, relaxed and God honoring wedding~we were so refreshed when we pulled away that evening!!
The Bride's 17 year old sister made this gorgeous cake~wow!! It was really good, too, besides being lovely. :)

Cutting the cake...Aww....Janna's sister, Amy, was such a attentive and sweet helper to her sister! What a precious young lady.Dreamy whiteness....Hosea and Janna went around to each table and gave out candy and talked to everyone! The adorable flower girl, Janna's little sister.1,2,3!! Tossing the bouquet...Haha!! Dorothy caught it!! Three cheers!! Blowing bubbles...Mrs. F., lovely mother of the bride. This dear lady was amazing~after the couple left, she and mom were talking, and she wanted to make sure we had a place to fellowship on Sunday, and if we were comfortably settled and everything. She was just the most wonderful, gracious hostess! Everyone made us feel so welcome.Sending off big sister with bubbles...Lovely Mums dear...Here they are!!!!!!!!!! So happy...Goodbye, Hosea and Janna!!! God bless you both!

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The DeL Sisters said...

What a beautiful wedding!
Thats cake was lovely. She did a great job!