Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Alyssa!!!

Recently we had the delight of going down to FL, where we were so blessed to stop by the Campana's house for a sweet (but too short) visit to celebrate Alyssa's 14 birthday!! Though we weren't able to make it to the big party, (to see sweet/hilarious pictures of that go to ) they had the most beautiful tea all set out, with lemonade, chicken sandwiches, chips, fruit and cake, all pink and pretty, and they even had a boy's table in the other room with a more masculine look ;) for all the guys. We had a wonderful time, and were truly honored to spend a few hours with their precious family, in honor of Alyssa's God-honoring, beautiful life-Three cheers, and Happy Birthday!! Lovely Alyssa Rose"Please, too many pictures!!"She is definitely Lisa's daughter~so elegant, classy, kind...How pretty!! And delicious...Lemonade, dear?(Say with Gabby voice) "I'mm Gaabyiee!!" ;D

What a beautiful smile.Joyful Moriah!Here's Alyssa choking on lemonade.

;) I'm kidding. I think she's actually laughing at one of the many blonde jokes we all were telling each other...Ah, this is good...Lisa la classe Gracia GrinTwo of the most amazing ladies I've ever known, Mama and Aunt Lisa

Well, that's all for now!!

We sure do love you Alyssa! You are a great blessing to us. Happy birthday.
The Clan

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