Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Afternoon Walks

Hello, All!
Thought I'd share a few pictures from our walk the other day!! It was a perfect Fall day, with a cool, fragrant breeze, blue sky, and that "Fall smell" that comes with the season...We'd been changing out our summer/winter clothes all day,{isn't it fun to see the bright blues, yellows and linens in your closet turn to the burnt oranges, soft wools and cranberry hues of Autumn!!? I love it.} Anyway, we [Mama, Dee and I. Martha was the cook that week and was busy} had been indoors too long, and the outfits we'd numbly started putting together by then showed our need for a little air, so off we went!! :) Mums is so dear and wise to have thought of such a plan!! What a peaceful ending to a jolly day...
"Mover, my sthomach is hurthing!" Poor child. What a pitiful sight. Awww...
"Tis Steady Man!!" Edwin is such a darling. Here he is posing with his Harley. {Notice Dorothy's dilemma in the background. Her Skirt hem and the bike chain became friends involuntarily. She's a smart one, the dear, and got it all fixed up shortly.}
Mama and her youngest baby. That is precious.
My dear Dee Sister
The pines called for a nap in it's shade, and the lush green grass was soft and inviting...Ahhh.
(If you ever do, this, however, watch out for ant beds. I made their day until I moved.)
Wildflowers...I've always thought it is so neat how God makes sure things that bloom together, look well together, like these yellow and purple things here...He is such an Artist.
Charmed slumbers...

Our precious Mother.
This was just so sweet of Paul. He asked if could run home, so mums said he could, and then, 30 minutes later, he came running back with a snack for us all-a little pint jar of water, a zip lock bag containing oddly sliced bits of cheese, some leftover muffins, and enough thoughtful love and preciousness to make his mother and sisters cry...On the way home...Thank the Lord for such wonderful time of refreshing...


The Stone Family said...

Oh, what a lovely afternoon! I love taking leisurely walks with my family!
It's always so nice to see new posts from the Mortonclan!

SmithFamily said...

Howdy Girls!! Love the pictures Addie-may (There's a good one of you wolf :)
Beth and Maud

MortonClan said...

Hello, Emily! So nice to hear from you! Hope y'all are well!! God bless.

Hey, Beth and Maud!! {"Covert, No flash!") :D Hope y'all's kitchen painting went well!! Can't wait to see it. I love y'all, Adeline