Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Daily Bread

Bread....Warm, soft, comforting...the smell wafting from the old kitchen brings a thousand different memories to a thousand different minds, the yeasty goodness taking you back to the time of family communion around your table, sharing the food of your father's labor together in a joyful supper.
Bread is a gift from the Lord that we sometimes over look because it is such a daily, normal thing. We often eat it in a hurry, rarely taking the time to ponder and realize what a gift this "staff of life" is. When you eat next, take a moment to thank Jesus, from your heart, realizing what He's given you, for the food you're about to eat, and for giving you this day, your daily bread.

Take a moment to read this beautiful poem below by Mrs. Grace N. Crowell~It will inspire you to knead for His glory and pleasure, and to thank Him for His goodness.
An ancient rite, as old as life is old:
A woman baking bread above a flame.
It's value is far greater than pure gold,
It is ageless, timeless, and the simple name
Of bread is wholesome as the summer sun
That has lit and warmed the fields that men might eat;
It is as clean as are the winds that run
Their light -foot way across the waving wheat,

A loaf is only half a loaf unless,
We share it, and unless we say
Our grace above it, asking God to bless
The bread that He had given day by day.
O woman, handle flour as you should!
It is a thing God-given, priceless, good.

-Grace Noll Crowell

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