Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Pictures from Tuesday

Some of the ladies talking...Smiling Ronnie man! E. and M. P., riding bare back that afternoon...What dear, dear boys.
Paco in his Ferrari
Beth and Melanie visiting. {Well, here they're actually letting me get their picture. :)}Swingin' Simon!! Mrs. Monica T. and Mrs. Shelia M. sitting with Mrs. Kim and some ladies...Two of the sweetest girls ever, Norma R. and Ivy B., swinging in the shade..Pondering... Aww...poor Chaney!! LOL, it's la lèvre again!! Mrs. KimMr. and Mrs. R. rocking together... How precious...Miss Melanie T. Armanie ManWinter H.~LOL, what a cute little girl... Dear Bekah and myself. Photo credits go to Mr. F. R.... :DBrady R. riding the fence. Literally, I mean. ;)

Sweet Jordin H.

That's all for now, folks...

Have a great weekend!


Michaelmthomas said...

Hello "Miss Melanie T. ",

We love you! We miss you!

Your biggest fan

P.S. Cute shot! However, please tell your photographer that you are already under contract with MY studio? ;-)

The DeL Sisters said...

Mortons! We've tagged you all!
See our blog on what to do to participate!

The Del Sisters

Holly B. said...


I would love a copy of the photo of Ivy and Norma. Such great pictures you take!

Holly B.