Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Of Woods and Creeks

I do think that there a few things more delightful then a hot summer afternoon in the woods with your siblings!! What wonderful memories I have of when the "four older kids" would take all of us "younger ones" down to the creek and play together in the water 'till we heard Mama clanging the big bell up at the house, which meant we had about 45 minutes before supper...the green grass would be up to your knees as you walked up to the house, and by the time you got there, the soft pasture grass would almost have you dried off...Praise God for such precious older siblings...I hope and pray I can help to give the kids down the line as many wonderful memories as the kids up the line gave to me!
God is good! A tree house "the big kids" build several years ago...there is such a feeling of mystery when you come upon an old fort that was built when you were 'little"... ;) Joy!!! Wild flowers that remind me of a mix betwixt cotton and okra.... Such a lovely flower! 1!!! 2!!!!3!!!A fallen tree limb...Playing categories...Height...A view through the leaves... The hurricane's proof of presence...Trying to slip past the guards... Brown Hat (the most creative caption ever, eh? :D )

Mossy roots...

Well, bye for now!!


The DeL Sisters said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all had fun!

Hannah Del

Abbi S. said...

Fun times!