Friday, April 24, 2009

Recent Random Pictures

Hello, dear Observers!!
Here's another montage of everyday pictures for your personal enjoyment and amusement, and for posterity, from the months of March and April. Enjoy!

p.s. This title for these sort of posts is getting quite stale. Forgive my lack of creativity, LOL. ;) Copy, paste, copy, paste....
I love Edwin's smile!
This is from a lovely time we had celebrating Katie's birthday on the 4-Mike the milk guy.
Mother Dear the cake lady...
"ah-it is within my grasp!!"
Pizza wedge in Critter's paws...This child is a true Morton-he couples the words "pizza and movie" together like they were never two different words! LOL.
More birthday buzz-look at Bret III and Mikey III enjoying the food given-Haha, what cuties!! (Many happy birthdays to our Katie dear!!)Y'all remember when it rained for all those weeks last month? Wow, that was allot of rain. The Lord was so good to send it, we sure needed it. Here's our yard during one of the deluges. It was so cool-when the wind would blow, it looked like a mini ocean, with little waves and all!
While we're speaking of movies, pizza and our traditional junk food that always accompanies them, I shall tell of the passing of our TV monitor. We had rented Faith like Potatoes, and got tons of good food (notice a portion of which is set out for jolly munching on the table) and all gathered together on the couches for the moving picture to begin-but, alas, after many years of serious illness, it refused to play even one more DVD. After it passed, we headed downstairs to the computer to watch it on that. :) Have food, will travel. :)Wes and Alan were so good to give it surgery. It did not respond well, however,
and will now spend the rest of time in a landfill somewhere, most likely.Many mini morsels...
I shall end with a picture of our beloved Father working in the garden-this was taken several weeks ago, so every thing's gotten huge since!! He is just amazing. What a gift we have in our Father.

Well, have a blessed afternoon, y'all. Dee is making mocha chocolate cheesecakes for church meeting tomorrow. They smells so good. We're all gathering here for meeting tomorrow-I can't wait to see everybody!! I love Sundays. They are so refreshing, physically and spiritually. Cleve put the screen door back up today, so now the breeze can come in without the cat. That will be charming. Daddy Dearest is gardening. We had an amazing salad today with lunch. Ahh. I took a beautiful walk in the woods this morning. I had the most wonderful time talking with God. Daddy was reading the Bible last night to us, and he read about how Noah walked with God. Enoch did, too. I want to walk with God like that. To have that relationship with my God. He is so holy and merciful. Bless HIS name.

Well, farewell, specimens. Have a restful day of rest tomorrow!! :)


Jenifer said...

Family fun is always the best! Looks like you all had a delightful time together. How old did Katie turn? And she is due in about 9wks or so? Mocha chocolate cheesecake?! Oh my, that sounds very yummy, hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow. :)

Alan Smith said...

LOL... Katie turned 26, and the baby is due in ~6 days.


SmithFamily said...

Hey Poog! what lovely pics! Love the bit about the tv.
Can't wait to see y'all when the babe comes!
Beth, with Auntie looking on

Jenifer said...

Oops, for some reason I thought that I had read that the midwife thought she was due late June or early July back when y'all announced it. Yay for a baby coming soon though! I still have 5 wks to go...maybe sooner Lordwilling. :)

OurLilFullFam said...

Neat pictures. Love the tv surgery ones.

How was the movie? We just bought it to watch this upcoming Saturday when we have family movie night.

I was thinking Katie had a little longer to go too. I am not due until te fall, maybe it was Rachel I was thinking of, is she due closer to then?

I get so impatient those last couple weeks myself, the Lord always gets to work on my patience then :)

I can't wait for our garden to start producing. We got some Florida corn last weekend and it was SO good, I can't wait until we have some yummy homegrown tomatoes - nothing compares to the taste!!!

Tell Katie I am praying for a quick and safe delivery.


Jenifer said...

Hi Adelaide,

I was just wondering whether your family was going to be going up to the Pastor Ron Tribute Video evening? I know this is your (for lack of the right term) siblings in laws and your grandfather's wife's late husband. :) This is the weekend my family is going to be in GA and I didn't know if it might would work for them to attend this and spend time with y'all as well. If you are attending will you be going home for church on Sunday or staying and going to church there? Sorry for all the questions, I hope you are having a lovely day! Are you an auntie again yet?! :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jenifer said...

Oops, I meant Adeline...that's what I get for typing while distracted by little children! :)

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hello Adeline,
This is Lydia! I thought that I would stop by and take a look around! You have a grat blog, and I will definitely check it often!
Have a wonderful day!


MortonClan said...

Hey, Bethy-Bee!! Can't wait to see you, too-that will be so fun!!
Hello, Stephanie! Ah, thanks so much for your prayers for Katie dear-I know she is so grateful-she is really, really ready to have that baby! She's such a trooper. LOL, about the due date, is's changed a zillion times-it used to be June, maybe early July, then, tra-la, now it's here! Earlier is so nice, I'm sure.:) Yes, Rachel is due in September or around that. She's showing and looking so cute!! That is always just precious.
The movie was very good-it was not perfect by any means, but the heart message was so uplifting, convicting and inspiring-it made me laugh and cry, and we went to bed that night very edified. There was an extremely realistic (to me)accident scene that could be a little much for small ones, but overall, it's now one of my favorite movies! So that's my spill on that. :) The tomatoes are a real summer treat. We love them!! Daddy just planted tons of them the other day!! We can't wait, either! God bless.
Hey, dear Mrs. Jenifer! I'm not sure about what our plans are yet, but we do hope we can get with your parents sometime while they are up here! I've just sent them an email so we can get our calenders together-I'm glad that meeting at the film could be a way of doing so-will they already be up in Atlanta? Thanks so much, dear!

God bless, and have a beautiful afternoon! Ah, no baby here as of yet-but soon, Lord willing!
Hi, Lydia! So glad you like it. :) It was so wonderful to meet you and your precious family yesterday! May the Lord bless y'all!

Love, Adeline