Friday, April 17, 2009


Look at this, y'all!! Isn't that so cool!!? God is really, truly amazing. Such an intricate Creator. Blessed be His name. (These are M&K's bees. They were able to get them back to where they were supposed to be after a little while, so, no harm done! We were all very grateful for that-the honey is soo delicious. Mike is quite the bee keep.) It made for an amazing sight in the mean time. :)


heatheroren said...

WOW that is a LOT of bee's!!!
God bless you!

The Orenczak family.

OurLilFullFam said...

ACK - that would scare me!

We go to a local bee farm, called Bee City in Cottageville, SC to get our honey. It is raw and wonderful, but when I go there, I am always so afraid the bees are gonna get out.

The honey is so good though, and so good for you. Yes, I do love looking at God's wonderful creation.

Have you seen the God of Wonders DVD? It is so so so neat. It goes through a lot of animals and how God surely created them, and neat little things about each animal that proves it. It reminds me of our Jonathan Park cd's we listen too, but with pictures.


MortonClan said...

God bless y'all, too, dear O. family!! Such a cute picture of little B. :)Miss you all.
Hello, Stephanie! No, I don't think I've ever seen the God of Wonders DVD, but it sure sounds great! I would love to see it some time. God bless you!

Love, Adeline