Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Lovely Girl and an Umbrella or, The Photography Efforts of Poogness, Etc.

Hello, dearest Readerlings!

Well, the title of this post explains it's content, so I shall leave you to enjoy a few of my favorites from a photo shoot I did with my darling sister, and selfless devoter of time to my picture whims, :) Dorothy. Love you, sweetie!!! God bless you!!

p.s. If any of you photographers out there have any advice on the subject, things that you see could be improved with lighted, editing, angles etc., (I know there's allot that needs working on:) I would be thrilled if you would drop the tip or two in the comment section! Anyways, have a fantastic afternoon!!



Down the Lane said...

Oh, Adeline, what beautiful pictures! And what a very beautiful photo shoot subject!

Lovely darling, just lovely!

Miss you,

Whiddon Family said...

Beautiful pictures, Adeline and Dorothy!!
Keep up the posts on the blog! We don't get to see y'all much, and I'm glad we get to "keep up" with y'all through your family blog. :)

P.S. Looking forward to the FD Retreat post!

Blessings in Christ,
The Whiddons

Olivia Morris said...

I like the 2nd and 3rd onea a lot! Great job.

Anna Naomi said...

Lovely pictures! Photo shoots are so much fun, and I've always enjoyed the beauty of rain. You captured it quite well, and you had an absolutely beautiful subject! =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Your photography is incredible. Keep up the good work!

Mama Ant said...

Awwww.. "Beautiful, just beautiful!!!!"lol

Luv & miss ya!!!

Seth said...

Hey, My sister came across your blog some time ago and has looked at it a few times since.

She told me you had posted pictures and said to leave tips. So thats how I got here.

Photos 3 and 4 are very nice. Photo 4 you've got some good stuff going on. You've got her off to the right side leaving "eye" room in front of her. Makes it feel more like she's looking somewhere. Rather then her looking out then the picture cut off right in front of her. Also the main light being on the right side of her face makes her pop out from the background. I might have darkened the edge of the picture a little different. But Im guessing you used Picasa?....Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom have ways you can darken the edge without making it look gray. But over all, Very nice!

What camera do you have? and editing program?


Jenifer said...

Hi Adeline,

The pictures are very nice! I love D's dress. :) Did she make it?

My parents are going for a trip to GA in a couple of weeks to celebrate my brother's graduation and they were wondering whether it might work out for them to spend a day with y'all on their way back or possibly go to church (y'all have a house church?) on Sunday or something like that.

I know it may be a bit before you get this since you will probably be going to A & B's wedding tomorrow. You can e-mail me at chasterrizzi (at) juno (.) com or my parents e-mail is namapapa (at) gmail (.) com and their names are Mike and Deborah. I would love to be able to come up and meet you all too sometime, my due date is 6 wks away so we'll have to see when you don't mind us intruding. :)

Well, I've got to lay my little ones down and get ready to go to the airport to pick up my hubby who has been gone the past few days at a class for his work.

May God bless your weekend! Looking forward to hearing from you. :)

~ Jenifer T.

Anonymous said...

Dear Adeline,
You take such beautiful, not to mention, artistic photos!

God Bless,

~Tiffany Carpenter

P.S I enjoyed meeting you so much on Saturday!

MortonClan said...

Thanks, Brittany dear! It was soo wonderful to see you Sat. at the wedding! Miss you, too.
Dear Whiddons! Pray you all are well. Blogs are a fun way to keep up, aren't they!? Miss you all, and Lord bless. Oh, it was such a joy to see y'all at the F/D a few weeks back.
Thanks, Olivia!!
Anna, so good to hear from you! Yes, rain is beautiful...almost as pretty as sunny weather. :) God bless you, dear girl!
Thanks for the encouragement, Anonymous! LOL, we always love to know who you are. :)
Love and miss you too, Sami. Happy belated birthday!!
Thanks so much for the tips, Seth! What would you have done differently on the darkening of the edging? Just curious. We have a Nikon D60, and use Adobe photoshop. Thanks again!
Dear Mrs. Jenifer!
Hello! So lovely to hear from you. Ah, a visit from you and/or your parents sounds just wonderful!! How delightful. I'll email you with more details and stuff, but 'till then just wanted to let you know how much we're looking forward to any visit in the future. The door is always wide open!!
6 weeks!!? How incredibly exciting. Praise God.I will be praying that the Lord gives you lots of strength as you finish up this holy time of bringing another soul into this world. God bless you.
Tiffany, it was so wonderful to meet you, too!
Thanks, dear. :) Hopefully I can see more of your lovely paintings sometime soon!
God bless you!

Love, Adeline

Seth said...

Hey, I posted a video over on my "Photo Tip" blog showing how I edit my photos. Its a lot faster to make a video then type everything out, and then its there for all the other people then.

D60 is a cool little camera!